Who is a urologist and when is it that I need to see one?

One of the most ignored aspects of our life is our urological health. Urology is not related to urinating only. It is so much wider than that hence it deserves so much more attention. Read to know urological health is important and how we can ensure to keep ourselves healthy.


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How often is it that you sit back, and appreciate the importance of your urological health? It is mostly that part of our life that is often neglected and taken for granted. Urological issues are not limited upto specific genders or age, they can affect almost everyone. Children, men, women or full grown adults can be affected by issues related to urology.  Urology is the branch of science which focuses on the care of kidneys, urethra, bladder and the ureter. For women urological issues are usually -  immense pain in the pelvic region, urinary tract infections. In cases where a woman has gone through childbirth, vaginal prolapse is also a condition signaling urological issues. For men mostly faced conditions are recurrent stones in the kidney, having an overactive urinary bladder, facing erectile dysfunction. Sometimes there can even be serious conditions like getting diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Urological health and its maintenance can be a tricky business because symptoms signaling urological issues can also be silent sometimes. People who only believe in visiting a urology doctor in mohali.
After facing strong symptoms might have trouble in recognizing if they have issues related to their urological system because waiting for a system to show might actually do them more damage than anything else. Eventually some symptoms might start to appear but that also means that the condition has worsened even further. It is often recommended to keep visiting your primary care doctor or your urologist in mohali to keep your urological health in check. Most people wonder about when it is the right time to see a urologist. Even though it is recommended that you visit a urologist regularly, it is also extremely important to see a doctor urgently if you face any one of these symptoms: 

  • Blood in the urine. 
  • Mild or Extreme pain while urinating along with burning sensations signaling a urinary tract infection.
  • Feeling the need to pee more regularly than usual days.
  • Experiencing incontinence in urine.
  • Facing constipation regularly. 

 You should consult with a urology doctor in Chandigarh without causing any delay if you face any symptom which makes you feel uncomfortable.  It does not necessarily mean that you are in serious trouble if you face any of these symptoms but it is better to have it checked by a specialist to be completely sure. Many problems related to urology can be treated well with changing your lifestyle as per your doctor's recommendation. Often people are recommended to start exercising, limit fast food and alcohol or refrain from smoking to be safe from urological issues. One can also limit their chances of facing urological issues by inculcating simple habits like increasing water intake or having a healthy diet. Your urologist in Chandigarh might also suggest you simple exercises to ensure your urological health and strengthen your pelvic muscles. 


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