Why should you use a web-based character count tool?

If you are a professional writer or a student that needs to submit an assignment every month, you know the value of checking the total word and character count. When it comes to submitting articles and blogs to online portals, you must check you are meeting the required word or character limit and not exceeding anything. To make the entire job easy, most people are checking character counts online using web-based tools. There is no hassle of downloading any tool, you can open the browser, paste the entire content, and check the word, character, and sentence count accordingly. 

Benefits of using an online character count tool 

  1. Ease of use 

This is the first and most important reason for using an online character count tool. While writing important content or assignments, you should not do anything that can break your concentration. If you follow a complicated character count checking procedure, it will definitely break your concentration. But if you use an online tool, there is no hassle. You just need to copy the content and paste it into the right place. And you will get an accurate result within a few seconds. 

  1. No need of downloading 

Sometimes, downloading a tool is not an option if you are using any device allocated by your employer. In such a situation, there is no better solution than using a web-based tool. Generally, all leading character count checking tools are web-based and there is no hassle of downloading any application. You just need a secure internet connection and a fast browser. These are enough to access an online character count checking tool. 

  1. Accurate result 

Have you ever seen that character and word counts are varying from one platform to another? This is a real problem and it can affect the score of your assignment. To avoid all these risks and get an accurate result, you should use a leading web-based character count checking tool. From character count to readability score- you will get all associated details that are directly connected with the performance of your content or assignment. 


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