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PPC Agency Montreal - Drive costs down and increase conversions with Google ads management services. Our nerds work on lead generation eCommerce PPC services.


PPC Services in Montreal:  Explore more about Atlantis Marketing's expert PPC consulting services!

Atlantis Marketing is a top PPC firm that uses paid search to increase sales for your company. Whether you want to increase conversions, website traffic, or both, our tech-enabled PPC management services can help you meet your objectives while also tracking and maximizing your PPC ROI.


PPC Services assist you in reaching out to your clients via paid search advertising on the internet. Atlantis Marketing's in-house experts offer a full variety of PPC services in Montreal including Google grant ad management services to help you achieve your objectives fast and affordably.

We are Montreal-based, one of the leading PPC services offering firms.

Our PPC consultants and paid search marketing experts have teamed up to provide you with a hands-on Google grant Ad management account to help you reach your PPC objectives.

Our PPC Management Services

Suppose you want to advertise on Google Ads management services (for search, display, or retail advertisements) or Bing. In that case, our core PPC management package has everything you need in an online ad management service.


Keyword research is the foundation of any successful PPC campaign since it determines which keywords to bid on and most likely to result in clicks and conversions.

Keyword research is a combination of science and art. It's not only about using the many tools at your disposal; it's also about getting to know your clients and anticipating what terms they'll type into the search box.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your most qualified audience. It gives you an advantage over competitors by allowing you to reach them where they're already searching.

With our PPC management services, Atlantis Marketing can create a tailored PPC campaign to help you increase conversions and income for your business.


A Free PPC Audit Can Help You Increase Ad Conversions.

A PPC account audit may help you uncover and correct the problems causing your ad campaigns to fall flat, whether they are missing the mark on conversions or costing your organization too much money with too little return – and you can do it for free with a free PPC audit.

What does a free PPC Audit include?

  • From ad campaigns to individual ad groups, your entire PPC account will be examined.
  • Conversion rates and top-performing keywords are provided to summarize your PPC account's information.
  • List of data-backed, actionable suggestions for increasing account performance.
  • Remarketing - Conversion and Sales Boosting Remarketing Services

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