Interior and Exterior Paint in a House

You would find that when it comes to buying a new house, most people notice the paint of the house. And why shouldn’t they? It costs a lot. It may not be a major factor but it does affect the price of the house. Whether you have just bought a house, or you are a real estate investor, the property’s interior and exterior look should always be important because if the Flat for rent in Islamabad is painted and furnished before the sale, the price of the property increases significantly.



When it comes to the paint of the house, there are different types of paints available, but primarily, paints are differentiated on the basis of where they will be applied. The two types include interior paint and exterior paint. As their names suggest, the interior paints are applied to the inner infrastructure of the building and the exterior paints are applied to the outer infrastructure which is exposed to direct sunlight.



Even though there are many differences in both kins of paint, but the key difference is of the resin used in them. Resin is a critical element as it binds the pigment to any surface to which paint is applied. It is a known fact that exterior paint is required to be tough so that it can endure the extreme weather conditions. It should not peel or fade due to the moisture or sunlight. Due to all these reasons, the resins used in the manufacturing of the exterior paint must be softer.



The interior paint is not exposed to weather conditions and thus temperature does not affect it much. The binding resins in the interior paint are more rigid, which reduces the smearing and scuffing. The quality is linked to the endurance of the paint. As you look for a house for sale in Islamabad, you can ask the person selling the property about the last time the house was painted and the condition of its walls.



There is another type of paint based on the base of the paint. The paint can be either water-based or oil-based. The examples of the water-based paints are acrylic and latex paints while alkyd paints are available as oil-based paints. Both the exterior and interior paints are available in oil as well as the water base.



A comparative degree of lower utility costs People who are in favor of buying and total possession would claim that although homes can vary in size. Typically larger than rental apartments or flats, homes offer greater physical space or the liberty to accommodate many more people. But they don’t know that it's more costly to heat or centrally air-condition, and even electric bills can be higher.



Another thing to consider while choosing Plot for rent in Islamabad. The exterior paint contains additives which increase their endurance and life. The additive reduces cracking and damage due to mildew and UV rays. On the other hand, the interior paint does not include these strong additives rather it contains the additive which lets paint survive the scratches and construction frames.



Now you know which type of paint is better to use in certain conditions and space. Think wisely and choose the most suited paint. Because painting a house is an expensive and tiring procedure. 



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