Litecoin miner for windows 10


And so for this example, we’ll be using my favorite software called guiminer scrypt. Now this is the easiest software to use. And I’m going to show you exactly what to put in. So we can download guiminer-scrypt from guiminer.Org.


Then you can figure out how much $$ you will earn at the coinwarz litecoin calculator. Lately, I’ve been trying to earn some money by mining thebitcoinalternatives, litecoin. After creating a guide on how to start mining quarkcoinsi made this guide for how to mine litecoins on windows. The software is released in a transparent process that allows for independent verification of binaries and their corresponding source code.


But otherwise it’s basically the same because cudaminer is based off of the cpu miner so it has a lot of the same, you know, configurations and stuff. But, yeah, once you’re done there you just go ahead and copy paste it in here to your cudaminer directory. Litecoin Miner Goldshell X6S And then you make another shortcut for the bat file. And then you run it off of that and, yeah, as you can see it’s working and mine with this right now.


You’ll see that it’s a zip file, so you’re going to need to expand that. So put in my four-digit pin that I created when I created my account. And I’ll click on update settings, and that will update that automatic payout threshold setting. The second thing I’m going to do is change my payment address. So I’m going to go back into my wallet, hit the receive tab. Remember that address that we created, you want to right click on it, copy address, and we’re going to paste that address into this text box.


Just click yes and then you right click that and edit. And what you want to put here is minerd.Exe - o that’s the port number and then space - o and this is for your user name and password and space and user name. This is where you put your – you don’t type username.


So go ahead and double-click that, it will expand, you’ll see this minerd executable, which is basically the program that we’re going to run to mine. Now to run this, we need to use an application called terminal. You can find that in your applications folder under utilities. It should be all the way at the bottom here, yep, double click it. You open up a terminal, it looks like this.