Top 5 Reasons to plan a wedding in a 5-star Hotel

Along with joy and so much excitement, a wedding brings a whole task to complete. There is a huge number of details to take care of both big and small. But if a big fat Indian wedding is to be planned in a Hotel then the task becomes easier. The list of wedding venues in Gurgaon contains a wide range of farmhouses, 5-star hotels, resorts, and destination properties.5 Star Hotel Wedding Decor Planner in Gurgaon plays an important role from an intimate mehndi ceremony to a lavish wedding and reception. The host can sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding functions by choosing to host a wedding ceremony at a 5-star hotel. Also by planning a wedding at a hotel allows reaping all the benefits of an ideal event.



Mentioning below the five important reasons to plan a wedding in a 5-star Hotel :


  1. Everything is available just a call away : 

Many hotels have dedicated events and wedding executives. Their teams can take care of every thick and thin. Hotels will give us a wide range of options of important vendors, such as caterers, stylists, musicians from which we can choose. And whatever we choose everything will be taken care of by the Hotel wedding executive to make it a grand success.

  1. No stress and No mess:

When there is a third party involved in a wedding to help, the stress of planning a wedding vanishes immediately. The wedding executive will be there every step of the way and reminding the details and deadlines. Those tiny tasks which we normally forget in the chaos of the wedding will be even taken care of by the wedding executive with their professionalism and attention to detail. If we have decided on Hotel weddings then it means that the staff and the vendors are well-versed in liaising with suppliers and making informed decisions and delivering their best to the guests. 

  1. What’s the Menu?

The most complicated task for the different wedding functions is to decide the menu for the different functions of the wedding. But if we select a 5-star hotel for a wedding then things become easier. Hotels offer different menus for different wedding functions tailored to suit our tastes and wishes. 

  1. Outstanding facilities & venue :

A hotel Wedding brings more than just hosting an event. It gives a grand touch to the atmosphere with their trained professionals doing what they do best. All the staff and the vendors of the hotels are committed to helping and achieving the perfect wedding goals and it ensures that it will shine through.

  1. Hotels staff make sure to make things easy :

On-site accommodation is one of the biggest pros of a hotel wedding. Many hotels offer special packages that include accommodation on the wedding night, as well as add-ons some good offers in the package to make things easier such as breakfast and valet parking.


Hotel weddings are the symbol of luxury and are even easy to wrap up. Best Event Planner in Delhi NCR pitch in their business tactics, creativity, and skills in putting together the best wedding theme for their clients and also suggests the amazing destinations for their big day.