Online Biofloc Training is the farming of water creatures for human consumption. As global fish resources come under increasing pressure to meet demand, this is an industry that continues to grow rapidly.

Online Biofloc Training Course is concerned with the culture and care of fresh water aquatic animals and focuses on Trout, Barramundi, Bass, Marron, Red Claw and the Yabbie.

Best Online Biofloc Training 2021

The Best Online Biofloc Training have various factors that will help you to get better training.

Online Biofloc Training Center’s research scope covered numerous areas including induced maturation, larval rearing, and nutrition of several Penaeid shrimp species.

In addition, Online Biofloc Training Centers performed numerous studies in indoor raceways and outdoor ponds to develop new concepts in sustainable, biosecured, biofloc-dominated intensive nursery and grow-out systems.

Online Biofloc Training Centers also conducted research on aquaculture effluent water remediation using Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) system, halophyte, and microalgae. As part of his job responsibility as Director of R&D, he was heavily involved in technology transfer to commercial producers and industry related businesses.

This Online Biofloc Training Center is currently providing consulting and training services on different aspects of shrimp production to clients in different parts of the world.

What You Will Learn In Online Biofloc Training?

You Will get to learn about these skills

  • Production systems.
  • Feeding.
  • Harvesting.
  • Health of fish.
  • How to set up of an aquaculture venture, and more.

All The Best for Your Biofloc Career.