8 Secrets to Winning Your Ex Boyfriend Back

It is possible to win back the boyfriend that you just lost. Give yourself a little time to heal, but once you are ready.


It may be difficult to think about while you are in the middle of the pain of a breakup, but in many cases, it is possible to win back the boyfriend that you just lost.  Give yourself a little time to heal, but once you are ready, there are eight secrets that may help winning your ex boyfriend back.

1 - Make Yourself a Priority 

So often in a person’s lives, they put the needs of others ahead of their own needs. Making a habit of this may leave you feeling like there is no one to help you.  Take the time now to do for yourself.  This will show him that you know how valuable you are.

2 - Treat Others Well

Kindness is always appreciated and rewarded, although not always immediately. Show him that you are capable of being kind, to him and others, even while you are still recovering from the breakup.  He will notice and respect you for it.

3 - Be Respectful

Treat others with respect and demand that they do the same to you.  Sometimes when people are unhappy, they allow others to treat them badly because they do not have the energy to set them right.  Don't let this happen to you.  If someone treats you poorly, make sure to let him or her know that you deserve better.

4 - Take Care of Others

Taking the time to make sure others are doing okay is a great way to distract yourself from your own worries.  Just be sure that you don't take on so much that you forget about secret number one.

5 - Have Fun

Sometimes people’s lives are so full of things that they must do that they forget to leave time for the things that they want to do.  Having fun is not only important to help you heal after a breakup but it is also a necessary part of everyday life.  Without fun, you may end up living a life where you have very little to look forward to.

6 - Be a Social Butterfly 

The more time you spend out in social situations the better.  Not only is this a good way to keep yourself from thinking about your unhappiness but it increases the chances that you will run into your ex boyfriend in a social situation.  If he should see you out having a good time without him, he might just remember what he's been missing.

7 - Stay Strong 

Resist the temptation to fall apart in his presence or to beg or plead for him to take you back.  Your strength may be very appealing to him and you will feel better about yourself.

8 - Make Yourself into a Better Person

After a breakup, you may find that you suddenly have the time to do all of those things you always meant to do but never did.  Learn a new skill, get certified in first aid or take a class or two at a local college.  This will make you feel better about yourself and introduce you to a whole new group of people.

These 8 suggestions are a great way to get started if you are thinking of winning your ex boyfriend back now.

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