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9/28/2020 - robertfkennedyjr

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Note:  This post has now been erroneously tagged by independent fact-checkers as "false" only because the calculations comparing Covid to Flu mortality were performed by RFK Jr. and/or his designees. The CDC stats on Flu burden are available for anyone who wishes to replicate the data claimed by RFK Jr. (Here)


New CDC data show that Coronavirus infection fatality rates for 2/3 of the U.S. population are now well below those for seasonal influenza.


Seasonal flu infection/fatality rates (IFR) according to the CDC have been between 0.095% and 0.17% between 2014-18. CDC’s latest data show the COVID IFR for Americans in 0-19 age group is 0.003% and in the 19-49 age group 0.02%. Combining 0-49 year olds, which represent 64% of US population, the IFR is 0.01% which means Flu is roughly 10-17x more lethal than COVID for those under 50.


This number is 1/50th the death rates predicted by modeling funded by Bill Gates that Dr Fauci cited to justify the lockdowns.


Furthermore, even these diminished numbers were probably inflated by unwise protocols adopted by the Northeastern states early in the pandemic of shoehorning seniors into deadly nursing homes and overusing respirators.


These new IFR data raise three crucial questions:

1. If Covid -19 is less deadly than seasonal flu for at least 2/3 of the population can we continue to justify lockdowns and mask mandates?

2. Is there any point in waiting around for fast tracked, zero liability vaccines with high risk profiles and meager efficacy?

3. Do pandemics disappear when mortalities cease or when it’s no longer in the media’s financial interest to frighten and shame the public?


CDC’s IFR estimate for influenza can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html