They are both very popular games of chance that involve drawing numbered balls from a machine (or via a random number generator). Millions of people choose to play the same game every week, which online keno has proven to be particularly popular in recent years.


The history of keno stretches back more than two millennia, when it was played across Ancient China. The name in Cantonese (baige piao) translates to English as “white pigeon ticket”, which is apparently a reference to the carrier pigeons which were used as a means of communicating the results of games between neighbouring towns and villages in the country.


The modern lottery, with its tantalizing, creatively themed scratch-offs and eye-popping jackpots, is descended from the age-old practice of the drawing of lots; indeed, the word’s etymology places its origins in the Old English ‘hlot’ and the Middle Dutch ‘lot’ and ‘loterie.’


KENO is a casino game where players have a chance to choose the numbers given at the table. Keno, gambling game played with the tickets importing  the numbers in squares, usually from 1-80 and daily is randomly drawn from a piece of container. Keno is easy to play and fun. 


LOTTERY is a game of chance that all you need to do is also think what numbers that you want to draw, many people are trying to get the winning jackpot. Millions of people draw the numbers, maybe in different places or many tickets purchased for many chances of winning.


Why is keno popular?


Keno Is Easy to Learn So It's Easy to Sell. 야한동영상 Slot machines are so popular compared to the fairer games of baccarat, blackjack, and poker because people don't have to think when playing the slots. Lottery game rules are usually very simple. Keno is the most complicated lottery game system of all, and it is easy to master.


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