What is Industrial RO Plant?

Industrial RO Plant is regarded as one of the most important crucial water purification technologies. Water pollutants are eliminated by forcing them through a semi-permeable membrane. As a result, pure water fit for drinking is squeezed out. The RO Plant is also utilized for saltwater desalination. RO Water Plants can be a dependable source of potable water.

  • The procedure eliminates dissolved and suspended contaminants, as well as germs. 
  • The membrane is permeable enough to allow solvent molecules to pass through but not large ions or molecules to interact with its pores.

Types of Industrial Ro Plant

The following are the numerous types of Industrial Ro Plants to choose from based on your needs:

100 LPH

The 100 LPH Ro Plant is suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, small colleges and offices, institutes, restaurants, and so on. It features one air mass switch and a water output capacity of 100 litres per hour. Its energy-efficient design consumes less electricity and requires little maintenance.

150 LPH

The 150 LPH Industrial Ro Water Plant will meet the needs of 200-300 workers, students, or customers per day.

200 LPH

The 200 LPH Industrial Ro Plant is ideal for small to medium-sized hotels, restaurants, business offices, schools, businesses, industrial buildings, and malls, and it is quite durable.

It is corrosion-free, associated with an environmentally friendly product, and has a water output capacity of 200 litres per hour.

250 LPH

The 250 LPH Industrial Ro Plant is suitable for small to medium-sized industries such as food and beverage, textile, chemical, and so on. It can even be utilised by large hostels, restaurants, universities, and institutions where there is a significant need for water.

350 LPH

350 LPH Industrial Ro Plant is suitable for hospitals, food processing units, hotels, and other similar establishments, and is available in a variety of specifications at low prices.

It has a fantastic performance, a sturdy structure, trouble-free functionality, and consumes less power.

500 LPH Ro Plant

500 LPH Ro Plants are factory-made in accordance with industry standards, utilising innovative technology and the best raw materials, and are perfect for drinking water, production, and cleaning in small to medium-sized businesses, factories, hospitals, and enterprises.



This RO plant space is a 300 to 350 sq. linear unit with a half-dozen filtration stages and will efficiently handle the water demand of 800 to 1000 people per day.


Netsol Water Solution: The best manufacturer in India

Leading producer of equipment for water and wastewater treatment facilities is Netsol Water. With its own manufacturing facility in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, it begins its adventure in 2012.

We work with several large corporations, including Vedanta, NTPC, Sleep Well, as well as many other start-up companies, hospitals, universities, and schools to clean their organic green waste, wastewater, and water. It offers a wide variety of products for the treatment of waste and wastewater, including sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, commercial and industrial RO plants, green waste converters, water ATMs, swimming pool filtering systems, and others.


How Does Industrial RO Plant Work?

  1. Pre-filtration occurs before the water enters the reverse osmosis process. To eliminate sediment and Cl that could clog or harm the artificial language membrane, pre-filtration often comprises a carbon filter and a sediment filter.
  2. Water is then sent across the RO membrane, where dissolved particles, even those too small to view with a microscope, are eliminated.
  3. Following filtering, water flows to the tank, where it controls until needed. An Industrial RO System continues to filter water until the tank is full, at which point it shuts off.
  4. When you turn on your drinkable regulator, water flows from the tank through another post-filter to make it drinkable before it reaches your regulator.

What do we offer?

Netsol is a renowned producer of water and wastewater treatment plants situated in Greater Noida. Based on client feedback and job quality, we are the most demanding organization in the industry. We have a reputation for being the top commercial RO plant manufacturer, industrial RO plant manufacturer, sewage treatment plant manufacturer, and effluent treatment plant manufacturer. Aside from that, our USP is 24x7 customer assistance.


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