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Building Information Modeling has ushered in a new method of operation for construction professionals. BIM is not the same as computer-aided drafting software.  The technique produces building elements as intelligent objects with parametric data and physical dimensions, whereas CAD portrays construction elements with lines representing the structural geometry.


Every Building Information Modeling element can be linked to another object or design. 

You can also stretch, join, and relocate objects in BIM to meet your needs. 

When a wall extends from the foundation to the first level in a Revit 3D Model, the wall height is 

automatically adjusted with a parametric modification.


By incorporating Building Information Modeling into the construction workflow, AEC professionals can increase their productivity. They benefit from BIM at all stages of the project, including planning, design, construction, and post-construction. Virtual BIM development is aided by software packages such as Revit, Tekla, Navisworks, and 3DS Max.


BIM Integrated Construction Methodologies:


  1. Obtaining Bill of Materials (BOM): In the construction industry, Revit 3D BIM Modeling software aids in the production of the bill of materials, making it easier for AEC experts to assess project costs. Estimating the total project cost has become much easier with 4D and 5D Building Information Modeling technologies.
  1. Assisting Green Building and Energy Analysis: Engineers and architects also use Building Information Modeling to bring the concept of green building design to life. Energy analysis can be performed by AEC specialists for a variety of services, including architectural, structural, and MEP. BIM engineers use Revit software’s energy analysis features to create energy analytical models for buildings. This enables project owners and other stakeholders to have a better understanding of the building's energy requirements. Further, BIM engineers make design improvements to lower energy usage based on the results of the energy analysis.
  1. Improving Project Execution and Communication: Building Information Modeling also serves as a powerful communication tool and aids in the effective completion of projects. You can swiftly transmit parametric models created during the pre-construction stage to all team members involved in the construction project, eliminating confusion and work delays. Models created in Revit 3D may readily collaborate, resulting in immaculate model production.
  1. Risk Mitigation: BIM aids in the risk reduction of a construction project. Participants in the AEC project use a collaborative and integrated BIM technique to avoid rework at later stages of the construction. Insurance and change in contracts and policies are all options for risk mitigation. BIM aids in striking a balance between project stakeholders’ collaboration and risk management.
  1. Collaborative Designs: 3D BIM Modeling Services promote design revisions by enabling cooperation among project participants early in the construction process. Consequently, you'll be able to construct the initial framework and add various levels of complexity. Designers of all levels can experiment with ideas, undertake value engineering, and optimize designs as needed. Contractors can use BIM to conduct constructability assessments, coordinate design, and develop shop drawings. Moreover, owners can optimize building maintenance and track the project's complete life cycle.
  1. Increasing IT Reliance: Building Information Modeling technology increases IT reliance, by simultaneously maintaining safety measures like audit trail recording and appropriate access control. Professionals can successfully evaluate technological support facilities such as bandwidth constraints and compatibility issues, with 3D BIM Modeling being the core of the project.

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