How to prepare delicious homemade


What is Basluq?

Basluq is a traditional Iranian sweet. In its original and traditional form, basluq was prepared by combining starch with natural flavorings such as rose water and grape juice. Iranians have always prepared various sweets for their traditional events such as Nowruz Eid celebrations, and basluq is one of these sweet and delicious foods. Each city has a special sweet, this sweet is basically a souvenir and special sweet for the cities of Arak, Malair and Maragheh. Nowadays, instead of starch, gelatin is also used in it, which has more properties and is considered a new combination, but it is better to know that jelly-like dough does not have the consistency and firmness of traditional starch dough. In the following, we are going to introduce some types of this delicious sweet.

Excellent types

Basluq is a sweet and delicious food that has a gelatinous texture. Starch is used in the preparation of traditional Basluq. There are different types of this sweet; Including: walnut, grape juice, Turkish, saffron, colored fruit, jelly, etc. Basluqi, which most of us know and use in Shab Chele nuts next to sweet nuts, is white in color or actually colorless, with a kernel of walnut and a coating of coconut powder. .

Basluq is prepared in a traditional way

Basluq is a simple sweet that everyone can make at home by preparing the basic ingredients. In order to prepare Basluq for Nowruz Eid with the traditional method, confectioners and women of various cities, especially in the central province, started preparing its raw materials three months before the Eid, such as preparing grape juice, sweet almond nuts, etc. Nowadays, due to the availability of ready-made ingredients , it has become easier to prepare this and other traditional sweets If you like to learn how to prepare it, stay with us; Because we are going to teach you طرز تهیه باسلوق.

  •  first stage

To prepare walnut starch, first put starch and cold water in a container and stir until the starch dissolves completely in the water and does not form lumps. To be sure, the dissolved starch can be passed through a sieve.

  • second stage

 In a fireproof container, combine water and sugar and put it on the heat until it reaches the right concentration; then add the dissolved starch to the concentrated sugar on the heat and stir completely so that it does not burn.

  • third level

After about half an hour, add rose water, cardamom and vanilla if desired;

  • The fourth stage

Remove the ingredients from the heat, but continue to stir and add the butter at this stage. When the good material is separated from the walls of the pot, it means that our good material is ready to pour into the mold;

  • The fifth stage

Add the chopped walnuts to the ingredients, or if your molds are single, put a piece of walnut in each mold and pour the basluq ingredients on it to have a basluq with walnut kernels;

  • The sixth stage

Pour the basluq ingredients while hot into the desired molds and decorate it with coconut powder, walnut powder or other ingredients of your choice. You can also put the ingredients for Basluq in a flat dish and cut them after cooling; then put the basluq in the refrigerator until they are well chilled and ready to serve.

Note: instead of pouring walnuts into the mold, there is another method. You can pass the walnuts through a clean thread, put them in the pot and hang them somewhere to dry, repeat this process several times until your baslouqs get the desired volume.