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The United Kingdom’s leading enterprise technology book and a pioneering multimedia logo, this identify has been going for nearly 40 years and plays a important position in informing IT leaders on a way to use technology for the advantage of their organizations. It is crucial viewing for IT leaders so, with over 92,three hundred human beings receiving its weekly e-newsletter and 184,377 on line readers each day, is a terrific web site to get an opinion piece into. You need a USP to get coverage that’s for certain, to be able to make sure that your article is accepted, first ship over a synopsis this is precise and truly exquisite to even warrant consideration. Think cautiously about a way to make your topic – which is probably similar to others being sent in by way of competitors – appreciably extraordinary from those others. Take a examine what other opinion pieces had been included


a UK blog wherein inspirational notion leaders hang out, but all content material posted right here is on a paid-for foundation. You can submit both press releases and by way of-coated articles on this web page and, for each kinds of content, you only must pay a one-off price of £25 for each submission. This cash is non-refundable if you ship in something that isn't always posted, so ensure it’s top best. That’s cheap although as your article/press release will remain on this internet site indefinitely. To put up content material you have to first register as a consumer. You then check in the use of your account and entire the submissionIf you are posting a press release, it ought to be as a minimum 250 words and feature a legitimate information perspective (pronouncing something new and/or well timed), contain content this is IT related, be goal and now not written in casual first man or woman language (I, we, you, and so on). Your launch ought to also be hyperlink-restrained with a valid organisation e-mail cope with contained in it.


When submitting a via-lined article for ebook, it wishes to be as a minimum 500 words and consist of an writer bio on the stop. Articles sent in without an attributed writer and creator headshot won’t be prevalent.


As Business Computing World is a UK-based media, it will not put up American- English content material so make sure all your language and spellings are British-English.


Computer Business Review – some other UK business technology leader, Computer Business Review is extensively seemed in the course of Europe as The Economist of the IT industry, technology guest post with an online audience of three hundred,000+. CBR, as it is also referred to, only takes guest content material on an unique foundation. Pitch your concept or ship in a draft of the article you need to post to Eleanor Burns for consideration. If Ellie is not in then Ambrose McNevin is your subsequent port of name.


VentureBeat – a tech innovation US website that was based in 2006 and covers everything tech from social to cell, small enterprise to employer, health and wearable tech, cloud, video games and much more. It currently has over 8 million specific visitors – and 18 million web page views – and is examine by using tech and social bigwigs like Mark Zuckerberg so, to get your article onto this media’s internet site, you need to provide readers a robust, clean argument that comes down on one side of an issue, or advances a principle. VentureBeat desires to initiate readers into discussion so wherein viable offer precise examples of companies and genuine anecdotes to illustrate the points you’re making. The extra you've got, the better!