Some Requirements For Safety Operation Of Asphalt Mixing Station

I don't know if we can see it. The key to the selection of asphalt mixing equipment lies in the determination of its impeller type, which plays an important role in addition to considering the conditions of agitation design.
What requirements should the blades of the mixing equipment be designed according to?

410829c6e766aaa7b05efddf9fe68d0e.jpgAsphalt mixing station in the vibrating screen, the use of imported motor, to ensure that the work efficiency has been significantly improved, but also the equipment of the intentional failure rate to reduce; the bottom of the silo in the design is more reasonable, do not need to occupy a larger area, the most important place is the finished material in the transport more convenient and fast, At the same time, the failure rate is reduced to a minimum.


The first step in the commissioning is to operate a single motor while checking the current, steering, insulation and mechanical transmission for normal operation.
After confirming that each motor and mechanical transmission piece is operating correctly, the continuous commissioning test, the whole process needs to carry on the roving inspection to its key parts, finds the noise to find out the reason in time and excludes.


  Therefore, in the production process of asphalt mixing equipment, it is necessary to predict the results in advance, pay attention to the production of the whole system, reasonable control of temperature, reduce or eliminate waste.

  In the working process of Mobile Asphalt Plant mixing equipment, the quality of the mixture is often related to the final quality of the construction.
Therefore, we need to improve the quality of the mixture as much as possible, and the temperature of the mixture is one of the criteria for the conformity assessment of the mixture.
That is, if the temperature is too high or too low, it will make the mixture into waste, can not meet the needs.


  Therefore, reasonable control of the temperature of the mixture is one of the basic conditions for the normal production of asphalt mixing station.
How the quality of the fuel can also affect the temperature of the mixture.
For example, poor fuel quality, low calorific value, insufficient combustion, will lead to unstable heating, low temperature, combustion will also produce a large number of residues, affecting the quality of the mixture.
If the viscosity is large, the ignition is difficult and the temperature is not easy to control.


  In addition to the above two factors, the moisture content of raw materials is also an important factor that can not be ignored.
If the water content of raw materials is high, the temperature control in the production process of asphalt mixing equipment is also very difficult.
In addition, technology such as combustion systems, fuel pump pressure and injection volume can also have an impact on the temperature of the mixture.
If there are problems such as wear, leakage or blockage in the combustion system, the performance of the system will be reduced.

Turn on the power supply after turning on the air compressor, so that its air pressure to reach the rated pressure value, this link can be clearly observed in the control valve, pipeline, cylinder and other components whether there is leakage phenomenon.
Then connect the oil supply, oil return device, oil supply, return tubing road, etc., to ensure that it must not leak at the same time, the use of anti-rust components or take anti-rust measures.


Because the asphalt mixing station contains more mechanical parts, to do a good job of a complete set of test operations need to take into account all aspects, such as hydraulic department, conveyor mechanism, dust removal system and so on, one can not fall.

Asphalt Mixing station is one of the main equipment for the production of asphalt concrete, it can mix asphalt, stone, cement and other materials in accordance with a certain proportion, so as to obtain the products needed for highway construction.
In order to ensure its operation effect, the asphalt mixing station also needs to carry on the electric test run before it is officially put into the work.

From the above content can be learned that the asphalt mixing station market in China has also undergone many changes, and with the development of the economy and the passage of time, the market of Vortex Air pump products is also constantly heating up.
However, when we build a good station, how can we operate to ensure high productivity? Next, we will discuss this issue.
In fact, there are three aspects that will have a greater impact on the production efficiency of the mixing station.

Finally, the staff also need to regularly maintain the asphalt mixing station equipment maintenance management, so that the equipment is in the best working condition, daily maintenance in time to check the existence of safety hazards, and to eliminate, to ensure that the asphalt mixing station safe and efficient work.


And the selection of not only the main content is not only the determination of the type, to determine the type and also to determine its material, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, glass-lined and so on can be used as its choice, generally based on the performance of the stirring material to determine the results of this aspect.