Tamilrockers is a website that allows the distribution of copyrighted material, such as television programs, films, music and videos. Visitors to this site can use magnetic links and torrent files to search for and download copyrighted material to facilitate file sharing between colleagues. In India, internet providers have been instructed to block access to websites.

The site continues to work by switching to a new group of web addresses. In addition to the list of traditional hacked sites, apps and hosting providers, the MPAA film industry now also includes Tamilrockers.

The court also ordered the telecommunications and information technology departments to suspend the registration of domain names of websites that violate the author's copyright and issued a statement requesting internet providers to use the website. blocked online.

Tamilrockers Admin is Arrested

Last month, the Keralan Police Anti-Piracy Division arrested five Tamil Nadu countries after the arrest of Tamilrockers. Indigenous peoples: Viluppuram, Prabhu, Karti and Suresh, Pulimurugan.

Five suspects were arrested under the relevant provisions of copyright law and computer law. The police think that more people are involved. According to police, Karthi, who is said to be the director of Tamilrockers, has earned more than one rupee in recent months.

There was a time when Tamilrockers was just a hacked network. And it started in 2011. Then this site was created by the torrent site. After it became more popular, it became a public torrent site. There are too many requests for torrents to make torrents. The first Punjabi Tamilrockers movie in Hollywood was a Bollywood movie from childhood.

Tamilrockers HD Movies

Tamilrockers is a website that filters HD movies for download online: Tamilrockers.com is a torrent site that illegally offers the latest HD movies to download from Bollywood, Tamil Movies, Telugu, Malayalam.

Downloading Tamilrockers movies is strictly prohibited. You can also receive a fine. TamilRocker is indeed a website dedicated to the piracy of films, whose job is to break the original films. Despite the government's efforts, it was not possible to stop them.

Blocking a site creates a new site with a different URL. Then it's hard to stop them. Meanwhile, Telegram Messenger is also active with channels from film series.