It is very challenging to identify the most beautiful beaches in Greece which's due to the fact that there are many. Others have deep blue waters, others green, others are sandy and others have pebbles. The certainty is that they are all very unique and if you are offered the chance to swim there, you need to take it without concern! Since there are numerous excellent Greek islands, let's see which ones have actually been frequently selected as the very best for a perfect summer holiday by the travel community.


The immense turquoise of the Ionian Sea, the golden beaches that go for miles, the small, unique, unoccupied islets, fjords with their stunning blue caves ... If all this is inadequate to persuade you that Zakynthos is among the most lovely islands of Greece, then Navagio beach will. The most well-known beach of Zakynthos is a special development of nature and a naval accident. The shipwreck occurred in 1982 when the Panayiotis ship unlawfully carried cigarettes from Turkey. However, due to extremely damaging weather and a damaged machine, it ran out the way and soon was up to the rocks of the northwest side of Zakynthos. Today, the wreck is at the centre of an unattainable sandy beach, which can only be gone to by sea and its waters stay crystal clear and transparent.


The lovely Ionian island continues to impress every visitor. Emerald waters and impressive lacy coasts make the visitor genuinely worship Lefkada. Egremni-Porto Katsiki-Kathisma: These three, large beaches in western Lefkada are renowned all over the world! And not unjustly. Their blue-green waters, the snowy white sand and the stunning cliffs, produce landscapes of special beauty that you will hardly discover anywhere else. You will swim in deep and clean seas there. Though the gain access to is a bit challenging, to both of them (Egremni and Porto Katsiki), because it is done by coming down numerous stairs. Due to their area on the west of the island, these beaches offer unique sundowns too.


Corfu is admired as one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and combines culture with its impressive landscapes and special sights. It is an island with abundant Byzantine history and obviously Greek folklore. In addition, anybody who visits this island has the chance to admire several architectural designs beyond Greek, such as Italian and French style. Obviously, apart from stunning beaches, it has an extreme night life. Emerald waters on a background of green landscapes, sand and pebbles, cosmic and secluded, these are just some qualities of the most stunning beaches of Corfu. Among the most popular is Canal d 'amour, the canal of love. There could not be a better name for this little, romantic creek, whose luscious sand is embraced by 2 rocks that cross long into the water, developing the canal. Another one is Issos beach which was one of the places in the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only". Possibly the most amazing beach of Corfu, with golden sand stretching over kilometres, forming unique sand dunes.


Paros is among the most picturesque Greek islands since it has actually cobblestone streets, whitewashed structures and numerous bougainvillaeas embellishing nearly every corner. In addition, Paros is the ideal location in case you wish to visit other Cycladic islands for a memorable Greek island hopping experience. In fact, you may like to use Paros as your base for this adventure. The beaches of Paros are plenty, you can find quite or perhaps more cosmopolitan ones, the water is tidy and stunning. There are peaceful options however also beaches with a lot of individuals and severe sports centers. Also, if you want to experience the attractive nightlife, you can find everything on this island as it has a wide array of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Laggeri beach is one of the most unique beaches of Paros, with golden sand, clear blue waters and tufted tamarisk trees. It is not arranged and uses peace and serenity. If you do not pass boat you will require to stroll a bit. It is likewise used as a nudist beach. Agia Irini is likewise a beach that will create the impression of the tropics. The reason for this is the giant palm trees that surround it, they provide an exotic touch to the location. The (nearly) unblemished beach, has a canteen that is prepared to provide you with the necessary refreshments.


Mykonos is well-known for being probably the most cosmopolitan location among the Greek islands. In Chora, you will see a labyrinth of tiny alleys and whitewashed courses. Of course, its streets have lots of small shops, art galleries, coffee shops, bars and dining establishments, which are permanently full of people and mostly more youthful ages. Τhe beaches of Mykonos are among the most lovely and most well-known in Greece -and the rest of Europe. Besides, they are amongst the most crucial factors that have actually contributed to the development of tourist and therefore among the factors that Mykonos has actually ended up being so touristy and cosmopolitan at the same time. The sand is golden and the waters are refreshingly cold and blue. The most popular beaches of Mykonos can be found where the famous beach bars and dining establishments are set, most of them are continuously into a celebration rhythm vibe. However Mykonos likewise uses beaches for those who look for quietness and isolation, some are so peaceful that you will not any find sunbeds or even water sports. Psarou is certainly among the most gorgeous beaches on the island, with crystal blue waters and golden sand. It has an excellent advantage concerning the wind. No matter how strong the North winds might be, the waters stay calm, as the beach is surrounded by mountains. If your budget doesn't allow a check out to Mykonos, we suggest that you get to this spectacular island off season. May or September are fantastic months to do that and you can still get the Greek island sensation.


Skiathos is a touristy island. Every summertime crowds of travelers fill the hotels and the beaches of the island, enjoying their vacations. Skiathos in recent years has actually been known for its extreme night life as it is one of the main student destinations. There are excellent options relating to the beach bars and bars, but Skiathos is not only that. This island is rich green and has a lot of stunning beaches both organised and more tranquil. The popular Lalaria Beach in Skiathos with its world-famous round pebbles is located on the northeastern coast of the island. Its name is because of its white, almost round pebbles, which have been developed for countless years, by the waves that fall with terrific force over the whitewashed white rocks of the high and unattainable coast. The beach is unattainable from the land and is not arranged. Nevertheless, you can arrive by boat. When the North wind blows fiercely, it is not available at all; not even by boat.


The largest and most densely populated island of Greece is referred to as Crete. There you will find the largest variety of hotels, dining establishments, stores and clubs. In addition, it has beautiful beaches, stunning mountains and canyons, so you can do lots of outside activities such as hiking and mountaineering. History lovers will have the opportunity to explore numerous historical and historical monoliths, starting from the palace of Knossos. Two stunning beaches of Crete, Balos and Elafonissi, one on the northwest and the other on the southwest, are remarkable for their waters and surroundings. The first, Balos, is set on the northern edge of Gramvoussa peninsula. You can go there by boat from Kissamos or by vehicle from a dirt road. In the end, you will have to leave the cars and truck and do some hiking. As soon as you face the beach you will forget whatever: a warm and shallow sea with crystal clear waters and fine sand similar to an exotic island of the Caribbean.


Ikaria is a lovely island however it is also really special, remote, and perhaps a bit extreme. The wind is usually blowing, most of its beaches have pebbles and not sand. In some locations, there is thick greenery and in other landscapes rocks and stones dominate the region. But Ikaria has its own rhythm, a truth that makes it unique, offering it a relaxed environment. If you like tranquillity and exotic beaches, then Ikaria is your best Greek islands for sailing island and pebbled Seychelles, your beach. The beach lies in a small bay, 25km southwest of Agios Kirikos. It has a little cavern, while the sea has plenty of undersea caves, has crystal clear waters and its seabed is incredible. The beach can just be reached via a path that starts off the main roadway and decreases the river bed.


Chios is an ideal location to remain since of its sights. At a main area you can discover Nea Moni, an 11th-century monastery, while on the south side of the island, you can see many middle ages villages with ancient walls and towers. In addition, they have a wide array of vibrant tulips and while the windmills still exist in some locations. Vroulidia is the southernmost beach of Chios. It is located 9 km from the village of Pyrgi and next to the beach of Emporios. It includes thick sand and extremely little pebbles. It is small in size but extremely lovely as the blue waters give an unique character to the landscape.


Samos is thought about to be one of the sunniest locations in all of Europe and has sensational beaches with pebbles and crystal clear waters, which are usually great for diving and snorkelling. Likewise, you can attempt many fun activities in the water with fantastic safety supplied by the trainers. If you visit Samos, you should absolutely go to the ruins of the temple of Hera along with the treacherous trench. North of the capital, in a small and narrow bay, is the Livadaki beach. In between cliffs, a well hidden little exotic beach extends with light sand, shallow and turquoise waters. It is organized with umbrellas, deck chairs and a beach bar. A beach volley competition is arranged there every year, that's certainly excellent for sports professional athletes.


Kos is identified by its long and clean beaches while offering its visitors lovely landscapes and historic monoliths combined with an unwinded environment. It is a perfect location for those who like history and monoliths since you can check out sights such as the ruins of the ancient market and the fortress of the 14th century. Likewise, in its charming city centre, you can discover a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars and bars. Mastichari beach is located 27 km south of the city of Kos. The white sand and the emerald waters give this place the ultimate unique environment. Although there are some sunbeds and water sports centers, the location does not lose its natural beauty. A long package of trees is located in the surrounding area and offers a fantastic area for some cool shade.