Paytm and 9apps

Paytm is an app which is credited with the honour of being the first app which initiated the movement of cashless payments. The system of buying and selling things has changed with the passage of time. There was a time when but system used to exist. Under barter system commodities were exchanged for commodities. Thereafter for purchasing commodities currency used to be given. In the 90’s credit cards and debit cards became popular which were used for making cashless payment at the time of buying things. The last decade has witnessed a major change. Now payments are made by using the method of cashless payment and these payments are being made at a big level, even banking transactions are done by using this medium.



Making cashless payment has become very popular because of the advantages and pros that it has. Now cashless payment is accepted everywhere be it a small shop or a big shopping mall. Cashless payment is a hassle-free method of payment and it is also secure because there is no fear of money being lost or being stolen by someone. Cashless payment can be made almost every kind of place be it a government office or petrol pump.

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There are many apps by using which an individual can make cashless payment but paytm was the first of its kind which changed the whole scenario of the modes of payment. By using paytm an individual can make a payment not only at small and big shops but can also make payment for reserving seats at railway stations, can make banking transactions by using this app, can buy film tickets, can make payment for life insurance policies and can even do shopping of various products by opening the paytm app. Mobile recharge DTH recharge and making payment for metro is also possible by using this app.




Paytm from 9apps install

The size of app is 45 MB. it do take a little space on the device but cover a wide range of products and services for which payment can be made by a single click. an individual can download and install this app in the device by using 9Apps play store. This play store also cover a wide range of top leading apps. By using this app the user can download any kind of app in the device within minutes.