Well, you can always download copies of the track you put in the Sound Cloud. Some sound cloud users are also available with paid accounts to download their tracks to other users in the Sound Cloud. It's always free. Other sound cloud users will continue to have links to their tracks, which will allow you to download your music from third-party websites. Whether it's free or depends on what you're linking to the user and websites you need to pay for it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to find a sound cloud for a download song - from either a Sound Cloud or from a third-party website. So you have to find it. But if you're connected to WiFi, downloading songs is usually a great idea. If you are not on a Wi-Fi network, you can hear it. Save important data usage through Sound Cloud.

Download music from Sound Cloud
Go to www.souncloud.com and log in to your web browser.

Browse through the tracks from anywhere that you like, or search for a specific track by clicking on the download button, as long as you can find out, and there is a small arrow next to it (shown in the figure below) Click here to download To start the process.

Button "Sound Cloud Song Download"

Next, the save prompt should be shown. Click the button next to Save File, and then click OK.

Download soundcloud music download prompt

Now you should open an explorer window where you can choose where to save the song. Navigate to the song you want to save the song, and then click Save.

Choose where to download soundcloud music

(Note: If this window does not appear, check the download folder on your computer instead.)

Now navigate to where you've saved your track from your computer's desktop and double-click to listen to it.

Find and play your downloaded sound cloud music

You can enter songs with "download" (without small arrows) or "buy on iTunes" or something similar. If you click on one of these buttons, you can go to (often) a website where you can download or track (and similar) purchases.

Alternative links to download soundcloud music

Each site is different so you must follow the instructions and / or amount of money or a button label "Buy" or "Download" and click on it.