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For generations, the philosopher has tried to describe the essence of romantic relationships. Each wrote in his own way and for himself. I propose to do the same and, for a start, decide on what your companion (or companion) should be like. We can not always accurately describe what asian mail order brides cost qualities our partner should have. Yes, and you should not be too zealous over this, otherwise you can come up with an ideal unattainable to any real person. It is much easier to write a list of qualities that you definitely cannot put up with. For example, infantilism is a universal bad trait. If at the beginning of the relationship you notice that your partner is not able to make decisions on his own and is constantly evading responsibility, it is best to immediately break up with him. You can't build a house with a big child. You can try to take on the role of "foreman", constantly give advice and orders on how to act for your beloved.

However, if he nails his hand with a brick, the blame will be on you. After all, his every failure and error will return the arrows to you. And here there will already be two options for the development of events: either you endure the stress of the responsibility to lead the lives of two adults (yourself and him), or point out the mistakes of your partner and try to re-educate him. In the second case, most likely, he will call his mother and complain about you (of course, she will feel sorry for him). Another similar reason for incompatibility may be a banal lack of education and lack of skills in marking. Each of us has his own unique view of the world.

Your beliefs about how to behave in a given situation, what a man or woman should be able to do, and how to put oneself in front of others. Sometimes someone's eccentricity can seem cute and be the trait that attracts in the first place. It's not bad. But it also happens that the unusualness of a person has no boundaries and simply interferes with normal communication. If your partner too often acts out of line with your notion of "normalcy", makes himself a jerk and embarrasses you, it might be worth breaking up. So, we figured out the partner.