What to ask travellers, who have come back from a vacation

If you are one of those who loves to travel extensively, some questions which you may ask your tourist friend who came back from a trip are:-

  1. Which awesome things did you do during the trip after flights to Nairobi from UK?
  2. Which transportation-buses, trains or flights did you opt for?
  3. Which useful gadgets did you pack?
  4. Which thing should you definitely know about this place?
  5. Any cultural norms& local words and phrases are to be known necessarily, before visiting?
  6. Which food is a must-try or to be avoided? Wine or beer? Coffee or tea? Street-food?
  7. Most enjoyable/relaxing part of the journey? Any over-hyped place that can be avoided? Any off-beat sites to visit?
  8. Anything special that should be bought from that place?
  9. Was it easy to find and buy common things you needed along the way?
  10. What advice would you give to anyone going for the first time?
  11. Which websites would you suggest will be helpful for booking flights to Johannesburg from London?
  12. Anything else that should be known/taken before going on flights to Dallas from UK?

Either you bore & irritate the just-back-from-travel colleague with so many questions or just ask him only one important question, “Which travel agent were you associated with?” The travel agent will clear away all your doubts regarding the following.

  • Will they provide you with a guidance, perfect itinerary, mention the budget?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Are they associated with Travel Trust Association?
  • Will they book accommodations, transfers, other than booking cheap flights to London?
  • Are their UI convenient to use?
  • Do they offer assistance after the bookings on flights to Banjul from UK?
  • Do they assist in free cancellations?
  • Do they associate with locals for a safe trip?
  • Will the trip be safe, convenient, comfortable and on a budget; other than being fun and enjoyable?

Source: https://penzu.com/p/2ef40ccc