A Green Idea - Herbal Skin Care

The key to an effective cure is pinpointing the cause of the problem. Prior to proceeding with a herbal skin care, you must know what your skin problems are and what could be causing them. Skin problems arise due to various factors. You could be lacking essential vitamins in your daily diet, which is having repercussions on your skin. Or possibly, your skin care products might contain harsh synthetic ingredients that are putting a reaction on your skin.

Moreover, experts have especially warned against the use of bar soaps on the face. Soaps usually have a high pH (alkaline), mostly 7-10. High pH cleansers deplete the skin's moisture and natural defenses making it prone to irritation and other skin problems. Prolonged use of high pH cleansers or bar soaps can be a factor of premature aging and fine wrinkles at an early age.

The philosophy of herbal skin care is avoiding substances that do harm on the skin. And for skin to be beautiful inside and out, experts advise three simple steps: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Herbal skin care can come up with these steps using purely herbal ingredients. Coconut virgin oil, sesame, and palm oil are effective skin cleansers when combined with water.

Water dissolves dirt and also acts as a moisturizer. Water movement from the body is a process known as "transepidermal water loss". If your body has a water deficiency, your skin's top layer will become dry, ultimately resulting in flaking. Examples of moisturizers for your herbal skin care are: vegetable glycerin, rose water, jojoba oil, vitamin E oils, sorbitol (from plants), honey, aloe vera, and iris.

These natural moisturizers contain essential oils that are able to penetrate the skin, nourish it from within, resulting with a healthy glow. A combination of the correct amount of base oil and essential oils is an excellent moisturizer for your herbal skin care. As a guide, 30ml of base oil can be added to 6 drops of essential oil (mix in at most 3 different oils) to make a good moisturizer.

It's equally important to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Oatmeal, ground shells of apricot, almond and walnuts are excellent scrubbing agents.

For an efficient herbal skin care, natural ingredients are of utmost importance. There are various treatments that employ formulations from herbal ingredients. Examples are: lime juice formula, peach treatment, facial masks, and even whitening lotions.

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin. Nourish your skin with your herbal skin care. Your skin will tell you the results.