The best ways to pick up a Portuguese girl  

If you fall for hot dark-haired girls such as Portuguese but don’t know how to get acquainted, we can help you.

First of all, remember that they are simple, friendly, family-oriented, and a bit short-tempered.

Why simple: Portuguese girls are raised in a classical way and have ordinary interests. They love nice talks, good food, going out, cooking, watching movies, shopping. It’s easy to please her if you possess gentlemen values. Just open the door for her, buy some flowers and the dinner – and your date can be called successful!

You can start your conversation in a classical way too. Make a compliment, ask her about something, tell a light joke. If she’s single or at least feels lonely at the moment, she will react positively. Portuguese girls are rarely double-faced and they don’t have hidden thoughts: you may read everything on their face. That’s an advantage for sure, even when you are reading some unpleasant stuff there!

Like we said, you have to be a gentleman. You see Portuguese women are those rare women who aren’t feminists. A gallant behaviour is a part of local men’s mentality, so girls used to see this nice quality in their dads and then admirers. Although they are usually flattered by a foreigner’s attention and see great promising perspectives in it, you shouldn’t be any worse than Portuguese men. It’s logical, isn’t it?

And yes, they are family-oriented. Don’t expect them to be too much liberate and open-minded regarding easy sex: some of them probably are, but they do consider a possible marriage, we reassure you. This marriage is going to be mostly traditional, and they are already imagining it in all little details. Keep it in mind when you start seducing them!

They are probably less traditional than Spanish girls, and will not bring their parents to the 5th or 10th date, so you have a little more time for “no strings attached” period.

You should remember about their quick temper even during your first meetings. Portuguese women don’t try to hide their character before you fall in love deeply like some other nationalities do. They are quite confident in expressing themselves and you may receive the cold shower from them if you arrive late or pay attention to some other pretty girl. Especially if she’s younger or slimmer! Yes, those strict Portuguese ladies behave like wives, from the very first day. But if you don’t do stupid things and flatter them enough you’ll get the most tender and passionate lovers you could ever imagine!

Don’t worry about dealing with their temper, if you don’t answer back and smile lovingly, she may calm down very quickly. She will not pamper you or feel guilty, but all will be forgotten and started from zero. So just go on and take your chance!

Most of the time, Portuguese girls are fun, cheerful, amiable, welcoming, caring, helpful, and positive. You may feel extremely relaxed and blessed after communicating with them as they seem to bring the Portuguese sun with them. It’s the best type of women to enjoy life with. It’s up to you, for how long it will be!

If you’re still uncertain how to attract them, use some tricks. Talk about romance, travelling, babies. It can happen that you really love all of the above, - so make sure to play this card, your sincerity will be a key to her heart. Tell her about your search for a good woman. Describe the perspectives of relationship with you in your country, or in the two countries in turn. It can be interesting for her, especially if she speaks at least some English. Every woman wants a good future for herself and her future kid, and Portuguese ladies are not an exception. Don’t forget to mention that you have a wonderful communication with your parents, and will always respect your life partner’s parents. It’s important for her! Tell her that you’re ok with both providing the family, and helping with the duties at home. It will melt her heart! Finally, tell her you’re a handyman who can repair things. She cares a lot about a comfort at home. Follow our recommendations and very soon you will enjoy those gorgeous kissable lips.

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