An analysis conducted by the New York Times has uncovered 487 Facebook communities, 52 Twitter accounts, and 84 Instagram accounts promoting discussion about a 5G-COVID-19 connection. Over the past two weeks, the audience to this theory has increased by 58,00 followers on Instagram and by half a million followers on Facebook. 

In New York, Blackbird.AI monitors online disinformation campaigns. Naushad UzZaman, the company report’s CTO and co-founder, reports that there have been over 50,000 posts on the topic on Reddit and Twitter just within 24 hours. The “significant uptick in inauthentic amplification” of posts, according to UzZaman, may indicate bot accounts pushing this misinformation.

Mark provides his insight,“There are some fantastic 5G courses to gain new certifications such as; ‘Towards 5G: Research and Standardization’ and ‘Internet of Things in 5G’ led by training provider 5g-courses.com. Another option is to do an MSc in ‘5G Advanced Communications’ which is a course offered by a number of Universities.”

Already have experience?Telecoms engineers with past experience of implementing 3G/4G technologies and have the knowledge or new skills in 5G communications would be an advantage when it comes to landing a job on upcoming 5G projects.
Strikes on Telecom Towers
The New York Times article (last revised on April 11, 2020) reports more than thirty acts of vandalism and arson on cell towers and other telecommunication equipment have taken place in Britain this month. Worse still, there have been more than eighty incidents reported in which telecom technicians have been personally harassed while on the job.
The Effect on Engineers
As reported in The Guardian, it’s gotten to the point that technicians installing cable-based broadband, which has nothing to do with cell service, let alone 5G specifically, are also taking the heat. In an incredible turn of events, broadband personnel have begun publishing pleas on the anti-5G Facebook pages to be left in peace as they work.

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