Desmume or no$gba for Pokemon


    Yeah, for you and everyone else. New releases may always be a step backwards in some (or many) cases from earlier releases in terms of speed. There is a delicate balance between compatibility and speed and sometimes one advances further than the other.


My way of adding more speed to that damn DeSmume Emulator 


 Open Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), go to the "Processes" tab, right click the program you want to speed up and "Set Priority" to "Above Normal". Basically it means that it gets to use your CPU ahead of any other non-important programs you may have open. This way you can leave stuff like web browsers and still get decent speed.

Desmume Speeding up all my games.

As said in title i am using Desmume (0.9.10) and everything is in fast forward mode or something. I tried with Diamond and Black 2, the whole game is sped up and well bugging the crap out of me. I would really appreciate some help here. Oh and it wasn&


apos;t always like that i was tweaking some settings (don't know what i changed to speed lock the emu).

How to make DesmuME emulators speed up faster

To make the game speed faster then 100%, you need to either use the fastforward option (usually can do it by pressing the assigned hotkey for it, or you may need to set up the hotkey for it. most emulators have this option if you look in hotkey options). If it doesnt have one, you would do it by removing the frame limiter.