Top 20 Property Management Assignment Topics

The topics covered in a real estate management course include property evaluation, management, acquisition, development, marketing, and disposal.

In essence, the topic of real estate management is concerned with the assessment and administration of land and buildings in the public and private sectors. It includes a variety of disciplines, including property management, surveying, business and finance, and the built environment.


Here are some sample project ideas for Canadian real estate management students.

  1. Property management and upkeep in Canada's multifamily housing market.
  2. An Ecosystem Perspective on Digitalization and Innovation in Canada's Real Estate and Facility Management Sectors
  3. Investigating Compulsory Acquisition and Reimbursement in Buea Municipality.
  4. Intellectual Property Strategies and Innovation: Canadian Firms' Causes and Effects.
  5. Commercial Real Estate Management Challenges: A Study of The Swedish Commercial Real Estate Market
  6. Evaluation of Residential Property Rental Value Variations in Fako Division's Peri-Urban Areas.
  7. It Property Management Practice in Buea Municipality: Issues and Future Prospects
  8. Analysis of The Maintenance Culture Used in Canadian Public Infrastructure.
  9. Evaluation of Factors Affecting Variation in Residential and Commercial Property Rental Value in Buea Municipality.
  10. Residential Real Estate Investment and Related Issues (A Case Study of Mungenow Properties Canada).
  11. Analysis of Residential Property Investment and Related Issues in Canada: Mile 4 Limbe Case Study
  12. Case Study: Buea Municipality: Impact of Higher Institution on Neighboring Residential Property Market.
  13. The Impact of Urbanization on the Rental Values of Commercial and Residential Properties in Kumba Town.
  14. Elements Affecting Land Ownership and Investment Choices in Mamfe Town
  15. Using property ratings to generate income (A Case Study of Buea Municipality).
  16. The Function of Cooperative Societies in The Provision of Housing (A Case Study of Fako Division).
  17. Analysis of the Impact of Housing Estate Provision on the Supply of Residential Housing in Canada.
  18. The Reason for Abandoned Public Development Projects in Canada's Anglophone Area.
  19. An Evaluation of Property Management's Impact on Property Value (A Case Study of Commercial Properties in Buea).
  20. How Slums Affect Property Values (A Case Study Bonaberi, Douala).

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