Batavia : The Finest Upholstery Fabric Manufacturers

Batavia stands tall as the ultimate upholstery fabric manufacturer. With their unrivaled expertise and commitment to perfection, they have earned the reputation of being the very best in the industry. The fabrics produced by Batavia are a testament to their craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to quality.


From luxurious velvets to durable performance fabrics, Batavia offers a wide array of options to suit every style and preference. Not only are their fabrics visually stunning, but they are also designed to withstand the test of time.




Batavia's fabrics are not just beautiful; they are engineered to be highly durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for any setting. When it comes to upholstery fabric, Batavia truly shines as the undisputed leader, delivering excellence that surpasses all expectations.


Address: No. 4/2, Crescent Road, Highgrounds, Bengaluru – 560001
Email:  rushab@bataviaexim.in
Phone Number: +91 8040977054

Website: https://bataviaexim.in/