Chapter 82
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Milo - Hm. It looks like they're all excited ... but it's not them who will brag about defeating the first giant soldier. Because that will be me !! And time is short. But five minutes is enough for me !!
Camus - It's not good underestimate your opponent.
What people usually do before a god to pray ... and worship him ...
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Milo - but if a god threatens us, we must face him with all our strength. And that requires determination on our part.
Milo - What is it Camus? Are you afraid of divine punishment?
Camus - No. The gods we worship love and protect people, ensuring peace on earth. I do not think it right to call these creatures who exercise power only to satisfy their ambition “God”, without the slightest regard for human life. I am against them to call themselves deities. Because they are corrupt creatures, who do not even touch the feet of our goddess Athena.
Milo - In short, you will not make it cheap ... the fact that they call themselves gods, right?
Camus -Exactly. After all, whoever kills the people of the land indiscriminately ..... without even protecting their own people ... can no longer be considered god. They become an existence far from it.
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Milo - just look to know. That is not a god, not from afar. And they're just some monster.
Camus - You and your simplistic reasoning .... I think it is starting to look like Aiolia ...
Milo - What ?! do not confuse me with that idiot! Is that something a best friend says about another?!
Camus - Do not take my words as an insult to his brother, Aiolos ... he may have been a traitor to the sanctuary, but he, Aiolia ... is a Gold Saint, chosen by the goddess who protects them all ... and also ours friend and companion, is not it true? And by agreeing with it that you are here .... in this land of darkness, where even the sunlight can not reach, ready to help the friend in this crisis ... right?
Milo - Wrong! I'm here ... because I want to defend the peace of the land and the people of the Titans!!
Camus - That's your habit for being indifferent ... but that's okay. I'm going to pretend I believe.
Milo - Do not Fill Up !! leave me in peace!! What I want to know now is what we will do! I do not want to be left behind!
Camus - Of course. You do not even have to tell me ... there's only one thing to do ...
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Camus - Those who disregard the value of life have no right to call themselves god. They deserve to be extinguished.
Milo - I agree! I liked the idea. Let's get it over with, then. It does not matter if it's God or whatever. Whoever does not value life ... will be punished.
Camus - We are the Gold Saints, the service of the god Athena. Therefore ... the punishment will be made in the name of Athena. This is the true divine punishment. The sinner must be punished ... even if for that, we must kill him. All to defend the peace. And he will have to accept Milo- great. It's all I want. Let's go now!
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Milo - Let's beat up ... the idiot who calls himself god.
The battle begins
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Drakon - Hm .... interesting. This is going to be fun. Two tiny humans defying me, the divine dragon. You deserve praise for bravery. But I must say, my brave humans ... that I do not appreciate the senseless killing. So you can run away. I will not chase after you. Giving up is the right decision. There is no reason to be ashamed.
Milo - What a talkative lizard! Why would we run away ... if we're crazy to fight?
camus - Legend has it that the dragon is wise ... and merciful ... so tell me, the Drakon of Margarites. The one who is known as a pearl dragon. Why do you collaborate to steal the lives of so many humans?
Drakon - because it’s what Cronus, my king and lord, determined. And what he determines is immutable destiny. Eliminate the old world and create a new world is also God's work and responsibility …
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Drakon - The purification determined by him is absolute .... and humanity must be exterminated!
Milo - It does not come that it does not have !!
Milo - Eliminate humanity ?! Kiss my ass!! Think you can do what you want, just because you’re God ?! You better stop with that while you can !! Because if the gods are free to do what they want .... humans are also born with the freedom to choose what they please !! People are free to live everything they have to live .... and to fight until the last breath for their life, given to them by the universe !!
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Milo - the human being is not an existence God uses and throws away .... no way !!
Drakon - Dragon breath!!
Page 9
Milo - Camus !!
Camus - Diamond Dust. Weird..
Milo - Why? You stopped the dragon's breath!
Camus - No, before that. The fist of a Gold Saint is able to open the sky and its kick, break the earth ... that’s the power that we have. But he was barely shaken by your attack. He counterattacked immediately ... at an unimaginable speed ....
Milo - How so? I did not understand. Speak right! I thought it was his face that was too hard.
No, it's not that. It’s another thing ...
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Camus - I think he's totally nullifying the physical blows we're using. With magic.

Milo - What?! What did you say?!
Camus - They say that dragons are also very wise sorcerers. Its charms are efficient and powerful. This dragon ... must have spawned a magical barrier in his own body that blocks the effect of any physical blow to him.
Drakon - Great power of observation. It's hard for a human to realize that, even more so with just two strokes. So you must have saved me my breath too?
Camus - The ancient legends tell that a dragon first releases a weaker breath in order to test the adversary. And that allows you to challenge yourself only by those who pass this test ....
Drakon - Great. If you have science of all this .... it is approved. I'll let you challenge me.
Milo - Look how you talk ... even looks like we're worried about it! Better to stay. Because my blows will not work against him ... what are you talking about, Camus ?! We will not win as long as we do not want the charm that nullifies our attacks. Are you insinuating that you can not beat this thing ?! I do not want to lose to him !!
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Camus - Nor do I pretend to be defeated. And there is a way to win ... I know someone who has the right "poison" to nullify his magic. I believe that the magic is impeccable to feel pain, and that is perfect for us ... because if he does not feel a blow of the fist, who will say fifteen stings of poisonous needles? Yes. It will be your needle of antares ... the supreme blow of your scarlet needles that will nullify the charm of the dragon!
Camus - Of course he will try to redo the charm as soon as he realizes ... but I will not let it come ... I will finish him before that!
Milo - Are you saying that you will serve as a shield for me, while throwing the fifteen needles?
Camus - No. You're going to launch all fifteen at a time, I know you need the maximum cosmos for this ... I'll just keep you busy until you reach that level ...
Milo-I hope you're sure ... that this plan will work out.
Camus - Of course. I always analyze the situation with all the rationality there is no way to fail. Mainly because ...
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Camus - I have no doubt of the capacity of my best friend. It's not like we ... do not end it !!
Milo's cosmos is rising!
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Milo - That's right, partner ... I top the plan! Watch....
Drakon - And so, brave defiant heroes of the dragon? Choose one of the options. Run away or die.
camus - I'm sorry. Neither. We chose the third option.
Drakon - Oh ... and what would that be, I wonder?
Camus - We chose to win.
Drakon - Let's say it's a brave choice. I value the courage. My duty is to match that... then!
Page 14
Camus - A ball of compressed water! When touched, it explodes .... and destroys everything around! Kalitso. I stopped the flow of water. But ... I doubt I've stopped him!
Page 15
Camus - an attack on the cause. Commonly typical of a dragon. But .... the tail of this dragon is a fist !!! On top of that! He’s not looking at milo
Page 16
Camus - Freezing Coffin. I gave time !! But ... it's still not enough. Milo needs more time to prepare !!
Drakon - Well, brave heroes .... in respect of your courage ... I will show you ... my true power. So ... here you go. The real strength that I have ....
Page 17
Drakon - My Dunamis !! Dunamis pneuma.
Camus - Gh !!! He's throwing the dunamis along with the flow of water !! And that force!! The blow is almost reaching milo !! It’s so powerful it does not even compare to the first attack !!
Drakon - Dying is no shame for you ... because reality is not like legends and fairy tales ... in which warriors are capable of killing a dragon. You fought well until now ... and you deserve a glorious death !!
Page 18
Camus - to protect the lives of comrades and all the people of the earth ... the Saints become invincible ... Diamond Dust.
Drakon - What ?! Did you stop my dunamis and freeze it? With an unimaginable cosmos for a human being! Great! You fought very well so far !! Yes ... but I think it has reached the end of the line. I will defeat you.
Milo - It’s not the end of the line ... I'm still here ... to inherit the will of my friend .. Camus ... watch ... how it burns ...
Page 19
Milo - my cosmos! Scarlet Needles.
Drako- I'm sorry. But physical attacks hit me. Not to mention that you are also greatly weakened by my dunamis. A blow launched under these conditions can not even scratch me ...
Milo - You still understand ... nothing of the Saints? To defend life on earth ... we Saints are capable of performing miracles. And not only the Saints ... but all the people are capable, thanks to the infinite possibilities that each carries in themselves.
Page 20
Milo - If you can not even understand ... I'll show you what a miracle !! Antares.
Drakon - What ?! Did you destroy my charm of protection against physical blows ?! I need to redo the charm !!
Milo - No use, too late ... a Saint never loses ... a chance to attack. So ... my friend chose the third option.
Page 21
Milo-He was right to opt for victory.
Camus - Aurora Execution
Drakon - It can not be !! Impossible! Frozen my body ... with a single blow ?!
Milo - You mentioned the legends and fairy tales ... now there is little. So ... you should know how they end ... right?
Page 22
Milo - the evil dragon of ancient times ... always ends up defeated by the hero !! Dragon Killer
Page 23
Milo - the Saint is a brave hero ... would never have been defeated by a dragon. As of today, the title of killer of dragons ... happens to be ours!