How to Online payment of Passport fee?

For anyone going overseas for a variety of reasons, including family visits, medical visits, pilgrimages, business trips, or travel for education or tourism, a passport is a crucial and necessary travel document. Furthermore, the last several years have seen a rise in demand for passports and related services as a result of the developing globalization and expanding economy. However, not many know about passport application services and procedures. Therefore, you can visit the Passport Seva Online Portal to submit a passport application. Additionally, you can pay for it and schedule an appointment for the in-office process. Passport Seva India website can further assist you with the application process.


The system will choose the day and time the applicant must arrive for an appointment on its own. You must pay a service fee online at passportindia.gov.in in order to schedule appointments. Adhere to the directions listed below to know more.    


Making Payments Online


After completing your application form and submitting all required documents, an applicant will be prompted to complete the process with payment. The two methods for applicants to pay the service fee for their passport appointments are as follows:


  • E-Payment (credit card, debit card, or internet banking).
  • A bank challan, redeemable at every State Bank of India branch nationwide.

E-Payment (credit card, debit card, or internet banking).


The procedures to follow for applicants who want to pay the service charge online are as follows:

  • Enter the application section on the passportindia.gov.in portal with your login credentials. Then click "Continue."
  • Select the Passport Seva Kendra, then the appointment quota (Tatkaal Quota or Normal Quota).
  • Click Next, then select Pay and Schedule an Appointment.
  • Select net banking as your method of payment and complete the transaction.
  • Your appointment will be scheduled, and you will see the "Appointment Confirmation" after the payment has been received successfully.
  • Print the Application (ARN) Receipt as the last step.

Bank Challan


The other method of paying for the application fee is a bank challan. Any State Bank of India branch will accept bank challan payments within the nation.


  • First, go to the Passport Seva Kendra website and click the "Pay with Challan" link to generate and print the Challan.
  • Submit the Challan at the bank along with the application fee.
  • In 2 working days, the payment will be reflected.
  • Choose "Track Payment Status" next.
  • Select "Schedule Appointment" if the Payment Status indicates that the transaction was successful.
  • Select the Passport Seva Kendra and the Appointment Quota (i.e., Tatkaal Quota or Normal Quota) before clicking the Book Appointment button.
  • Your appointment will be scheduled subsequently.
  • Finally, take a printout of the Application (ARN) receipt.

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