Proven Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

I will illustrate some proven yoga poses for weight loss, but first you need to understand the value of fat. The fat is very beneficial or must have for everyone as it safeguards the temperature of your body. And without fat, you can't walk, you can't sit and many other benefit fat provides the body system to work properly.

Now if the reserve fat exceeds the limit, then it creates a disease like overweight or obesity. It is also seen that, women suffer more than men from obesity problems.

As the fat is essential for the entire body system to function properly, also it is very dangerous when the reserve fat exceeds the limit.

Because of overweight the very common diseases are like: High blood pressure, heart diseases, and respiratory problems.


Laziness in doing hard work

Day sleeping

Over eating mainly of meat, fish, etc.

Modern day wrong lifestyle: Late night parties

30 % of the overweight problem comes from genetic disorders

Lesser digestion of food also creates overweight

When the Pituitary and Thyroid glands tend to work very less or forced to work little due to wrong lifestyle you are more likely to gain weight fast.

Warning!: Every single pound of excessive fat may cost you, a month deduction from your life...

Yoga poses for weight loss:

As most of the yoga poses are very effective in reducing excessive fat from the body. However, some of the poses are extremely effective in reducing weight very fast with a proper diet and some precautions.

In the very morning, perform some purification processes like Weight Loss: How To Lose Weight By Yoga In 1 Month:

Sahaja Bastikriya:

Wake up at the early morning and then drink a glass of warm water with lemon and little salt added to it, then without any interval practice Viparitkarani Mudra for four times followed by Shalbhasana four times and then Padahastasana four times.

Viparitkarani Mudra: Lie flat on a mat with hands and legs are straight and inside area of your legs is touching each other. Now place your palms on the side of the respective hips and inhale deeply. Now slowly raise your hips and legs upwards of the ground with the help of your palms by bending the hands in the elbow joint and exhale. Remain in this position up to six counts and then slowly drop your hips first and return to the starting position and breathe normally.

Shalbhasana: Lie on your stomach with your hands is placed on the respective sides. Now slowly raise your legs upwards up to the thighs and inhale. At the final position, you hold your breath there for 5-6 seconds and then slowly drop your legs to the starting position and exhale. If you find difficult to practice lifting both legs together you should practice with a single leg lifting.