Chapter 68
Page 1
Aiolia - I still have ... more fang!!
Page 2
Milo - that! you got it!!
Camus - Did Aiolia win ?! but ... has not God's cosmos weakened ?!
Hyperion - I can not admit ... that I am defeated
Camus - his eyes did not die! Aiolia! Caution!!
Page 4
Aiolia - It can not be! How did he resist ?!
Aldebaran - This pattern of Aiolia's attack never failed! So how ... he's still on his feet!
Page 5
Hyperion - so ... I can not, by no means ... be defeated now ...
Shaka - He is increasing its power of regeneration ... taking advantage of the infinite power of ouroboros.
Page 6
Hyperion - I half the destruction followed by regeneration ... I feel the cosmos rising.
So this ... is what they call ... of life ... and death ...
Page 7
Hyperion - The more I know the valley between life and death ... the more my dunamis widens. This is a power that an immortal god like I would never know. But now I understand the words of Koios... because they have a limited life ... human beings develop the capacity to create their own future ... even facing death.
Page 8
Hyperion - They advance without fear, weave hope with courage ... and create their own miracles .. As a god, I am feeling life and death in the same way as a human being ... and it makes me feel that I can attract the future to me. I can go back to earth and start a new titanomaquia. this time, we will conquer Olympus and ban Zeus to the Tartarus.
Page 9
Hyperion - and for this ... I must first win this fight
Page 10
Milo - A punch at the speed of light !!
Camus - This is our chance !!
Milo - as well?!
Aldebaran - the ouroboros is concentrated in regenerating his breast injury
Shura - therefore, the right arm is without that evil destructive power that he carried until now.
Shaka - From here on, the fight will be equal to equal
Page 11
Aiolia - Ahhhhhh!
Page 12
Milo - What happened to him ?! Why are you fighting with your right arm ?! stop being an idiot !! Like this, you will not get it right !!
Shura - It's strange, Aiolia is pushing too hard. The accumulated wear is no joke ... does he have any plans for all this or what ?!
Page 13
Milo - it will be?! he sacrificed his left arm ... so that he could reach the god hyperion ?!
Aiolia - Still ... it's not over ... my fangs ... they still live .. I still ... I can fight ...
Hyperion - Yes, you can… because you have a warrior spirit, who has not given up the fight while standing.
Page 14
Hyperion - And for that very reason .. that I too will face you with all my strength. So, after defeating you, I can record your life in my cosmos. This is all ..... I can do for you.
Aiolia - Really? So let me talk ... too … My whole body could hardly move. The only arm that moves and the right one, but it has also been consumed. It is no more than a broken prey.
Page 15
Aiolia - despite this ... and with this one fang.... that I intend to defeat you.
Hyperion - so show me how you will do it
Page 16
Hyperion - let's put an end to this battle ... which was brief but unnecessarily long ... and that the winner ... walk for an enlightened future.
Aiolia - I'm sorry for not being able to be both of us walking together in that future.
Hyperion - And sad, yes ... but it's part of our nature ... I'm sorry.
Page 17
Aiolia - lightning plasma.
Hyperion - I see your blows. This will be my last blow. The great warrior of the human race .... I say goodbye …
Page 18
Aiolia - Uuooooh!
Page 19
Milo - He aimed his opponent's fist with his left arm unused .... how could he hit with an arm that barely moves ?!
Aldebaran - or did he intend to defend himself with his left from the beginning ?!
Shura - but now the left arm is completely dead ... and the right one is in a worse situation ... it’s impossible ... he gives a final blow!
Page 20
Hyperion - Are you coming to attack me head-on ?! Is this the last blow that he intends to give, sacrificing even his left arm ?!
Page 22
Hyperion - from the beginning ... his target was here !!! What he wanted was to untangle his right arm, taking advantage of the eternal regeneration power of the ouroboros!
Aiolia - I will ... I will ... now yes ... burn ... my cosmos !!
Page 23
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt
Page 24
Milo - the presence of ouroboros disappeared ....
Aldebaran - the cosmos ... has spread through the heavens and now it falls like rain on the earth
Shaka - He was a god of extraordinary power ..
Shura - but now ... his dunamis is fading.
Camus - the fight is over.
Page 25
Aiolia- You struggled with the same thing, with the same feelings. We duel with all our strength to protect those we love. We've been up front since the beginning, but, thinking now, maybe there was another solution.
Page 26
Aiolia - why did not we accept each other's differences ... recognizing each other's position? that could have guaranteed happiness for both parties ... we could have tried to catch up ... but I ... I ... I was ... an idiot.