A Kirby entry in a place for Sonic fangames? It is weird, but nonetheless, worth experiencing.



KGGS starts off with an auto-progressive intro showing game's author, progressing on a screen requiring player to choose whether or not to enable shaders in the game for better performances on low-end computers. It isn't a usual approach for starting a game, but I'm alright with anything as long as I don't have to take off my both hands from a controller or keyboard to choose my options. Therefore, in my opinion, it is very important to know how the audience expects to play the game and to give them all within reach of a hand.


Finally on the main-screen and main-menu. Player is welcomed with fangame's original logo, having no resemblance to any logo in whole Kirby series and beyond, at least as far as I know. Charming main-menu music fits in the theme of the game. A nice entrance animation to main-menu, 4 clickable buttons; oh well, I just put my right hand back on the keyboard to press Enter for entering this main-menu. Aside from that, these buttons aren't really fitting the game, despite being pixelated as most of the font aside logo. Nicer and more game-personalized main-menu buttons wouldn't harm. Speaking of nice font and buttons, New Game or Level Select section has three of them. Credits shows nice credits and Options is showing, well, some settings players can set up, but only BEFORE playing the game. It also can look somewhat crowded; buttons are too large and distances between them aren't ideal. The section names are really touching top-left border of the window. It should be re-designed and worked out.


Spray Paints selection is somewhat a nice feature. There is nothing to complain about, except that all the paints are already unlocked and the namely Invis Sprinkle. Also, while actual Options do save, Spray Paint preferences don't.


Shaders or not, it's not visibly different experience. Animated backgrounds, more than one layer of backgrounds, nice scrolling and most unique player or enemy sprites all give this game a heavy plus on graphics side of it. There is a small issue with Star Blocks, as well as unclearity why they aren't visibly 2.5D as the platoforms are. As said in its description, it takes those from SqSq and SSU, and yes, Star Blocks in SqSq aren't 2.5D, but it doesn't just feel right. But there also is a level-intro scene - it is awesome!


If it's not for Asteroid Field's theme what hooks you up, I don't know what will. Overall, I find all of the BGM themes of above average quality. What I don't find nice is the ear-annoying SFX of shooting in Skylands level. Also there is that little issue of hearing enemy sounds even when they aren't on the screen, destroying Star Blocks sounds like destoying enemies and various unnecessary movement sounds like when continously jumping/flying, when (trying to) dashing in the air.


Gameplay consists of various aspects, but will try to keep it short:
Levels - there supposedly are 3 levels, but I don't see Skyland as a "level" or well, a main game.. it's weird to call these "levels". I don't know if the developers aimed for Super Star (Ultra) design where there are bunch of games and sub-games all put together with no specific "main-story" game, or otherwise, Asteroid Fields being this main-story game and Skylands & Halberd two of hopefully three sub-games as usually.. well, Halberd is pretty much like Asteroid Fields and doesn't really qualify as a usual Kirby sub-game... so I don't know, but I'll take it.


Mechanics - first of all, I am a huge fan of K&TAM, and it pretty much rounds expected movement fluidity in a Kirby game. NiDL has a similar, but also pretty fluid movement. Super Star and SqSq definitely do not. In K&TAM Kirby can jump 6~7 times further than its size (around one tile), while in KGGS it's completely useless, barely being able to jump 3 tiles away. Even sliding goes further (4 tiles).. speaking of that, seems like Kirby on the ground goes fastest with sliding. Jumping/Flying is satisfactory, the gravitation is not. So, one definitely shall not forget to limit gravitation, or falling speed videliced.


Enemies - these do not respawn and do not react on first touch through them (if second kills them) unlike Kirby does. Mystic Doos don't turn around to throw their beam at Kirby if on the other side. There are too few of them overall. I know it is a feature of Sir Kibble in KSS(U) that their boomerang drops from the screen upon hitting an enemy or wall, but it's not the best option. I'd like Sir Kibble's mechanics from K&TAM much more, i.e. his jumping over returning boomerang if Kirby is by any chance at the moment on the opposite side from where he has thrown the boomerang and so that Sir Kibble's boomerang hitting a wall explodes like Kirby's and doesn't drop down the screen.


Copy Abilities - I know most of what I have said is planned or WIP, but am just stating, or at very best reviewing the SAGE DEMO entry of this game and giving some in-line ideas. I cannot really say much about these for the reason more moves for existing abilities are probably planned and otherwise there aren't really any issues with current moves.


So yeah, gameplay is not the best, but to round it;


The Verdict
3.25 / 5
Not the least, but I'd give this demo a solid C. There is a lot to work on here and the demo didn't really cover the most important parts, in my opinion. It has much potential, and is probably going to be the best Kirby fangame in quite a while. For a Kirby franchise fan, this will, I believe, be a must-try fangame, if it's not already because of its incompleteness (well, it's a demo, so yeah).


- - -


I have and will have some ideas and bug reports, but I'll leave that out from this review if I haven't already stated the most main in-line in the review.