Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - My fight against mandatory vaccinations and Big Pharma

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - nephew of president John F. Kennedy is the American environmental activist, attorney, and author. He is the Chairman of Children’s Health Defense whose mission is to end the epidemic of children’s chronic health conditions by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures. Kennedy was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. His articles have appeared in nationally-known publications such as: The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.




Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccines safety testing


I'm not anti-vaccine. I've been fighting against mercury in fish for 37 years and nobody calls me anti-fish. If somebody comes up with a vaccine for COVID-19 or anything else and it actually does what it promises to do, which is to avert disease without significant side effects, then I would totally support that. The problem is, we don't know of any vaccine that actually does that. And the reason we don't know is because vaccines are not safety tested. So of 72 vaccines that are now mandated for American children, not a single one, has been tested against an inert placebo. If you don't test it in placebo tests, like every other medicine, it's not science, it's marketing. And the reason the vaccines don't have to be safety tested is an artifact of CDS's legacy as the Public Health Service, which is its predecessor agency. The Public Health Service was quasi-military agency which is why people at CDC have military ranks like surgeon general etc. And the vaccine programme was initially conceived and launched as a National Security Defence against biological attacks on our country. So the Pentagon and the Public Health Service wanted to make sure that if the Russians attacked us with Anthrax or some other biological agent, that we would be able to quickly fabricate a vaccine and develop it and then deploy it to 200 million Americans without regulatory impediments. So they said, if we call it a medicine, we have to safety test it. And that usually takes about five years, because when you start messing with the immune system, there are many injuries that occur, that have long diagnostic horizons you won't see for many many years (e.g. cancers and autoimmune diseases). So normally medicines are tested for five years in double blind placebo tests. They said we don't want to do that. But if we call it a medicine we have to do this, so we will call it something else. We're gonna call it a biologic (a therapeutic substance, derived from biological sources) and then we're gonna exempt biologics from safety testing.


The next kind of major historical step that happened is that in 1986 congress gave vaccine makers blank immunity from liability. And let me just give you a little background on that. I had three vaccines when I was a kid. I was born in 1954. Today's kids get 72 doses [in fact, the number of doses can be counted in different ways, and 72 is an exaggerated number - ed.]. A big change happened in 1986, because in the early 80's we started using a diphtheria test and pertussis vaccine called DTP vaccine. It's no longer used in the United States and Europe. We still give it to African kids. It was causing horrendous brain damage in children and killing a lot of them. For every dollar that vaccine companies were making on that vaccine they were losing 20 in lawsuits and damage losses. And they went to congress with the other vaccine makers, they were the biggest contributor lobbying, and they told congress: we're gonna stop making vaccines, because they cannot be safely made. They said, we can't make the DTP safely. A certain number of people are getting injured or killed no matter what we do. And we're gonna stop making all vaccines, if you don't give us immunity from liability. So democratic congress and republican president Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law in 1986.


Suddenly, the pharmaceutical industry looked around and they said, holy cow, now we have a product that you don't have to safely test on. That's a huge cost savings, because that usually costs $100 million minimum. You don't have to do it, and there's no liability at the end, even if you injure people. Which means there's no incentive to make it safe. But it also saves the industry the biggest cost for every other medicine that are liability suits when they injure people. And so the industry says, here's something, the two biggest costs are now eliminated and then the third cost, which is advertising and marketing is also eliminated, because this product is gonna be mandated to the 78 million kids, and there's very, very high margins. The government is gonna buy half of those vaccines for poor children. It's like the dream product. If you could get your vaccine onto the CDC's mandatory schedule, it's worth about a billion dollars in profits to your company for every vaccine you can get on that schedule.



Vaccines side effects


So there was a gold rush at the CDC to put new vaccines on the schedule, and we went from three vaccines that I have as a kid to the 72 doses today. And that really big change began in 1989. In '89, we started seeing an epidemic of childhood chronic diseases. Autism in my generation is one in 10,000. The epidemic is real because you don't see 66-year-old men walking around the mall with football helmets, in diapers, nonverbal, non-toilet trained, headbanging. My family started Special Olympics. I was working with intellectual disabled kids and adults my entire life and I never saw an adult like that. And I didn't see kids like that when I was little. We went from one in 10,000 to one in 34 kids today and one in every 22 boys. Food allergies went from one in about 1200 in my generation to about one in 12 today. We saw these epidemics, all these different diseases, neurodevelopmental diseases, all beginning in 1989. In fact, congress told the EPA, tell us what year the autism epidemic started and the EPA scientists came back and said it's a red line, 1989. That's the year they changed the vaccine schedule. I don't know how old you are but when I was a kid I didn't know anybody who had these diseases ADD, ADHD, speech delay, tics, narcolepsy, SIDS appeared suddenly with the DTP vaccine, Tourette's syndrome, ASD, autism - all of them exploded beginning in 1989. The allergies, peanut allergies, which we know, you can induce somebody to have a peanut allergy by giving them a peanut protein and the aluminium adjuvant that is contained now in 60% of our vaccines. If you give them a Timothy weed protein you'll have a Timothy weed outbreak. I mean Timothy weed allergy, et cetera. And then also the autoimmune diseases. So rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, fibromyalgia, Guillain-Barre, all these injuries began in 1989. It's not just that there's a time correlation. If you look at the list of all those 420 diseases that suddenly became epidemic in 1989, then every one of those diseases appears on two lists. One of them are the lists of diseases that became epidemic in '89. Two, they're on the manufacturer's inserts for those vaccines. 420 diseases, and the manufacturer only puts them on that insert if FDA believes that there's a high likelihood that they're causing that disease. And the reason they are on those inserts, is because the only way that you can sue a vaccine company under the Vaccine Act is if they knew of an injury that is caused by the vaccine and they fail to list it on their inserts. All those injuries, including autism, are listed on manufacturer's inserts. They'll tell you in every other context it doesn't happen, there's no connection, and in the one context where they have to be honest, they're disclosing that.



Big Pharma control over public health


Nobody's talking about it because of the control, the pharmaceutical industry exercises over the political leaders. All of the institutions in a democracy, Europe, the United States, Australia, that were set up in order to protect vulnerable little children from greedy corporations have been neutralised. The agencies that are supposed to protect us and our children from bad products have been completely co-opted. They're what you call a captive agency. And that's done through a number of mechanisms. 50% of European Health Agency's budget comes from pharma. The CDC is now one of the biggest vaccine distributors in the world. The CDC distributes $4.9 billion worth of vaccines a year, so about a half of its budget goes to distributing vaccines and basically it is integrated with the industry. So CDC has a conflict of interest, by nature. Also the CDC, FDA and NIH all own vaccine patents. For every vile of Gardasil that is sold money goes to NIH and those agencies are making tens of millions of dollars. They're selling the vaccines that they're supposed to be selling. FDA gets 50% of its budget from pharmaceutical companies. World Health Organization gets over 50% of its budget from pharmaceutical industry. If you include Bill Gates it's even more than that. Which is 10%, one out of every 10 dollars comes from Gates, who is the biggest vaccine producer and maker in the world. You have a conflict with the agencies. You then have congress has been bought off because pharmaceutical companies then double what the next biggest lobbyist spends on congress, but most importantly is the press.


It used to be illegal for the pharmaceutical industry in the United States to advertise pharmaceuticals on TV. Today, there's too many ads for drugs. What that does, is not only allows them to push their products in the marketplace, but it also allows them to control content on the network news. The highest saturation of those advertisements are on network news. I have a close relationship with Roger Ailes, who founded Fox News and who had a relative who was vaccine injured and knew what was happening. And although our politics were diametrically opposed, he always was well disposed. He put me on his network to argue my environmental issues. I went to him with a documentary that we had just made on mercury in vaccines, and he was utterly convinced by it. But he said, "I cannot put you on my network". He said, "I would be forced to fire any of my hosts who allows you to talk about this on TV". And he said, "If I allowed you on and I didn't fire the host I would have a call from Rupert Murdoch within 10 minutes". Rupert Murdoch owns one of the biggest vaccine company in Australia. His family had been deeply immersed in that industry for generations, and he has partnership with Glaxo and with all the big vaccine makers. We use one of the present enforcers worldwide, but in our country, Roger Ailes told me, during nonelection years, during certain times of the year, 70% of my advertising revenues from my evening news broadcast, comes from pharma. And he said typically there's about 22 ads on the evening news and 17 of those are pharmaceutical ads. And there is no way Anderson Cooper isn't sponsored by Pfizer. Erin Burnett is sponsored by Pfizer. NBC Nightly News is sponsored by Merck. That's why you see them constantly pushing flu shots, measles shots, alarming people about diseases and about the horrendous threat of infectious diseases and never allowing any discussion about vaccine side effects on any of those networks. It's completely forbidden. And that gestalt has infiltrated the entire media industry. I haven't been allowed to publish an editorial since 2008. I used to regularly publish. I had a deal with New York Times at one point with they wanted an editorial from me every six months, which is the maximum amount that anybody can put an editorial on there. Now, they won't let me put an editorial on anything, because they need to discredit me about this issue, they need to shut down debate, they need to call me an anti-vaxxer, which I'm not, because that marginalizes me, it discredits me, it makes them say he is that category, therefore he is dangerous. We need to protect the public from dangerous thoughts, and therefore, it is justifiable. We'll allow people to go on TV, to write editorials condemning him and not allowing him to defend himself.


When I was a kid it was about a $287 million industry. No one was making huge money on it. Today it's a $60 billion industry and it is the growth potential for these companies. But the industry of pharmaceutical opportunities for treating injuries caused by vaccines to wharf the revenues from the vaccine industry itself. So if you look at the 20 biggest blockbuster drugs that are now produced by those four companies, almost all of them are to treat diseases that are listed as vaccine injuries on their own vaccine inserts. They're making $500 billion a year selling our kids the Keytruda, the Adderall, the Ritalin, the Concerta, the albuterol inhalers, the asthma treatments, the diabetes treatments, the seizure treatments, the rheumatoid arthritis treatments. And you know, what happens when you get measles? You get a rash. It was killing one out of every 500,000 Americans, in 1963 according to CDC. If you actually got the measles your chance of dying was one in 10,000. This was not a serious disease. And if you got measles, what happened? You stayed a week home and the cure was vitamin D and chicken soup. Two things that cannot be patented. What if you get epilepsy or seizure disorder from getting an MMR? Now you have a lifetime commitment to those pharmaceutical companies. And if you get ADD, ADHD if you're on Ritalin for the rest of your life, an Adderall, on diabetes medicine, that is a lifetime of unlimited revenues for that company. This is a very attractive business model for those companies. And they know it.


I'm suing them on it. So I'm in Merck's wheelhouse now. I'm doing a discovery on them and it's very clear they know exactly what's happening and they've made cold calculations. The four companies that make all 72 of those vaccines, which is Sanofi, Merck, Glaxo and Pfizer, every one of those companies is a convicted felon. Over the past 10 years those four companies have paid $35 billion in damages and penalties. They're lying to regulators, defrauding regulators, falsifying the science, bribing, blackmailing doctors, involving really sophisticated criminal activity at a very high level for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Merck's blockbuster drug was Vioxx. Merck killed between 120,000 and 500,000 Americans deliberately. By deliberately I mean knowingly. They didn't say we want to kill these people. They did say: "cause we have their spreadsheets" from their bean counters. This how many people are gonna die if we market this drug the way we want to and we will still make more money even if we have to pay them all off.



The vaccine for coronavirus


Let's keep in mind that we have a flu vaccine that we've had for 40 years, and when they say it's 40% effective, that doesn't mean it reduces the flu by 40%. It means it is 40% effective over last year's flu. It's not an actual 40% even. According to the Cochrane Collaboration it's, at most, about 1% effective. What makes anybody think that we're gonna have a COVID-19 vaccine that is more than that? So it's kind of a mythology that you got a vaccine and it cures the disease. It's not the way it works. And people should keep that in mind, when everybody's out there saying, we're gonna have a COVID-19 vaccine and nobody's ever gonna get COVID-19 again. That's not likely to be what happens. If it that ever happens, God bless them, and thank God. The chances of that happening I think are very, very slim. Particularly slim for COVID-19, which is much more complex than flu, and it mutates apparently, much much faster.


So, here's the history of coronavirus vaccines. There's been 30 years of research of the Chinese intensively and other western nations trying to develop a vaccine, always failing. There were three SARS epidemics. The first one, 2002, was a natural epidemic where the virus jumped from bats to human beings. Two after that were lab created. They were people that were trying to make a vaccine and it escaped, the virulent form escaped from the lab and caused the epidemics. Because of those epidemics the Chinese and the Americans and the Europeans were really incentivized and highly motivated to create a vaccine and they put hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort. They acted as a consortium, and they developed around between 2002 and 2012, about 30 vaccines. They chose the four best of these vaccines and they began animal testing on them. And they tested on ferrets, which are a close analogy when it comes to upper respiratory infections to human beings. Ferrets all developed a very admirable and robust and durable antibody response which is the metric by which vaccines are licensed. Vaccines are never tested in the field. The CDC or FDA never gives 1,000 people the vaccine, 1,000 a placebo and says now go out and see what happens. It has never happened and I don't know if it ever will. The way they licence a vaccine is they give 1,000 people the vaccine, there is no placebo group, and then they look at, whether you've developed a serological response, in other words, whether you develop antibodies in your blood. So they draw your blood a week later, a month later, a year later. And they see if you have antibodies, which will theoretically defend you against future attacks by that virus. The ferrets in this case all developed really great antibodies, so they thought, we've hit the jackpot. Then something really frightening happened. In those ferrets, when the researchers expose those ferrets to an actually wild coronavirus illness, the ferrets all develop this horrible inflammation throughout all the organs in their bodies and they died. And then the scientists went, holy cow, we don't understand this virus. And what they think happened is that, the ferrets had developed antibodies, but they were the wrong kind of antibodies. They were not neutralizing antibodies, which is what you want. But they were something called binding antibodies, which actually make the disease stick to your receptors and much more dangerous than if you didn't have any effects at all. So the vaccinated animals were dying and the unvaccinated were not. Then they remembered that back in the 60's, they had tried, some of the same scientists had tried to develop a RSV vaccine, which is another upper respiratory illness, that's very similar to coronavirus. And the same thing happened, but this time they skipped the animal studies and they tried it on humans, on 35 kids. The kids developed a really strong antibody response, but then when they exposed those kids to the wild virus, the kids became very sick and two of the children died. It was a huge embarrassment for FDA and NIH. They remembered it and that when they did this on the ferrets they said, holy cow, that's what happened, and it's 2012. Two years later Fauci had been experimenting with a dengue vaccine, and the dengue vaccine had some of the same signals. Fauci and the others had ignored them. And they gave the dengue vaccine to the Philippines who gave it to hundreds of thousands of children, and the same thing happened. Those kids looked great until they got exposed, and then the vaccinated kids started dying. Not the unvaccinated, the vaccinated. I think 600 of them died. Today there are criminal prosecutions going on tight now in the Philippines, because the scientists had the signals in the clinical studies and they ignored them. Now Fauci probably shouldn't go to the Philippines. They're prosecuting local people, but a lot of the fault came from what happened at NIH. And it's not just me saying this, it's Paul Offit, the people who have been criticizing me for years, Peter Oates, Ian Lipkin, even Fauci himself, we have him on tape saying you really gotta be careful with the coronavirus vaccine because you can actually make people sicker. And that's why it is so weird that they would go straight to human trials. 'Cause wouldn't you wanna know what was gonna happen to an animal first? They don't know what's gonna happen to these people when they actually get exposed to the actual virus. And I think it's scary, and it's also kind of criminally negligent for them to do that, and again, it's not just me saying this. There are leading scientists, vaccinologists, virologists, people who have been my critics for 15 years, my most vocal critics are saying, we don't know what Fauci is doing, it's really weird that he would allow, his vaccine. They're already testing it in Oxford on the rhesus monkeys and they're moving fast with that. They're not using the placebo. They're using the meningitis vaccine as a placebo, which is not a placebo. Placebo under CDC's definition is inert, and we know that the meningitis vaccine had a lot of really bad, very well documented side effects. So that is not a placebo.


As citizens we're given the choice of take the vaccine and you can now travel on planes, attend public events, go back to work, or don't take it and suffer generational economic damage, isolation. Well, I'm hoping it won't come to that, although that's clearly where Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci want it to go. So I don't know what's gonna happen. They do that with the flu vaccine. Even though we know that if you take a flu vaccine, and there is study after study that shows that you're more likely to get a non-flu infection. There are studies that show that you're more likely to get a flu, a non-target strain flu, the science on that is a little more ambivalent, because there are studies that show that there is some kind of marginal benefit to the flu vaccine. They do have some studies that show that. There are many more studies that show that the flu vaccine does not help you, does not protect you from the flu, but there are overwhelming signs that show that if you take a flu vaccine you're much more likely to get a non-flu infection. And particularly, there's a Pentagon study from this year that you are 36% more likely to get a coronavirus infection. Now that study is from data that's two years old, so you didn't have COVID-19 then. But it's a red flag. There are lots and lots of studies that support what I've published on my Instagram, and I continue publishing periodically, 



Vaccines and elimination of diseases


CDC has done a study, an extensive study, along with Johns Hopkins, to determine whether the historical vaccines like smallpox and polio vaccines, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Haemophilus influenza, hepatitis B, whether those vaccines actually had anything to do with these huge reductions in mortality that we saw during the first half of the 20th century. And there are studies proving the vaccines had almost nothing to do with it. So this is a mythology that vaccine eliminated all those mortality. On my Instagram, I posted the CDC conclusion that says those vaccines had little or nothing to do with the dramatic reductions in mortality seen in the first half of the 20th century. What really stopped people from dying of those diseases was nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene. And it was good foods, electric refrigerators, chlorinated water supplies, sewage disposal systems, that's what eliminated these. And one of the things, if you look at the declines for vaccinated illnesses like polio and smallpox and measles, all declined along the same timelines as scurvy and cholera and tuberculosis and all the other diseases for which there was no vaccine. All those diseases disappeared at the same time on identical timeline, whether they have vaccine or not. And there are many many studies that show that the vaccines, despite the mythology, had virtually nothing to do with the disappearance of those, or mortality from those diseases. Measles mortality had already virtually disappeared before the vaccine was introduced.



Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children


If I would have children today, I wouldn't give them vaccines that are on the current schedule because I would only give them a vaccine that had been tested against a placebo. And this is what I've said to people. People have begged me to get out of this area of advocacy. And I said I will do that if you can show me a study that shows that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children. And I don't believe you can do that study. CDC has never attempted it, but, we've looked through the scientific literature. There are thousands of studies on vaccine safety. In the published peer reviewed science, anybody can look at them at PubMed. Some of them are hard to read, which is you kinda need help. But I've published 60 of those studies on my Instagram. And I put up blue and red logos so that you can find them easily on the front page. And we compare the unvaccinated kids who are blue and the vaccinated kids who are red. And in every of those 60 studies where they've done that, the vaccinated kids are always unhealthier. They all have chronic diseases. They're short lived, there's more hospital visits. There's more diabetes. There's more head colds. The rhinitis, the allergic rhinitis is 30 times in vaccinated kids what it is in unvaccinated kids. The asthma, the arthritis, all of these different studies, every one that we've been able to find shows that unvaccinated kids are much, much healthier and much more resilient. They have fewer earaches, fewer ER visits, fewer doctor's visits. To people who criticize me I say show me a study that shows that vaccinated kids are healthier. That should be very easy to do. If everything we've been told about vaccines is true, that should be a study that people would wanna do. Why aren't we doing it? It's very easy to do. Study the Amish. We have a Vaccine Satefy Datalink. CDC has under its control medical records and vaccination records of 10 million people. And it's very easy to go in there and do those studies, retrospective studies, because many of those people were not vaccinated. And CDC can do that in a second. Problem is, CDC tried to do it. They brought in a Belgian researcher named Thomas Verstraeten, and they did a study of the vaccine to Safety Datalink. The simple study they did, they looked at children who got the hepatitis B vaccine in the first 30 days of life, and they compared them to kids who did not. And the hepatitis B vaccine at that time contained a lot of mercury. And what the found was that the kids who were vaccinated in the first 30 days had 1135% greater chance of getting an autism diagnosis five years later, than the kids who did not. And when they read that, they had an emergency meeting. It was a secret meeting with 52 people in the Simpson Retreat Center, Chattahoochee River, in the remote, wooded area in Norcross, Georgia. And they brought all the vaccine regulators there, all the big academics in vaccines and they brought all the companies that make vaccines. In a two-day secret meeting they revealed this study. Somebody made a transcript of that meeting, and it's one of the most horrendous things that I've ever read in my life, 'cause you have these public health regulators and pharmaceutical company officials conspiring openly together to hide these effects from the American people. And immediately after that CDC took that Vaccine Safety Datalink, which is the database that congress ordered them to keep those records so that they could study vaccine safety. And they put it in a lockbox and they gave it to a private corporation so that there's no access by the Freedom of Information Laws. They've successfully kept scientists out of that database now for 20 years.