Gone are the days when farmers used to manage fewer cows individually. Nowadays, farmers and dairy producers are increasing the herd size to make their farming and milking operations more business-oriented. With time and manpower at a premium on farms, many are turning to technology to make sure that they are remaining as efficient as possible. The technology which is called a herd management system enables the dairy producers and farmers to manage larger herds, at the same time providing individual attention to cows.

Automated feeding, cow identification, milking analysis, cow health monitoring and integration of data are the key traits of the cattle management system and will help to improve farming operations. This farm technology, aids dairy producers to optimize the contribution of each animal and allows them to deliver better results in livestock farming.

No matter the herd size and your farming needs, the software has everything to keep your business productive and profitable. Read below how the herd management system to aid dairy producers to achieve their dairy business goal-

  • Better Planning and Tracking

The herd management software provides the dairy producers with a holistic view of all dairy operations and inputs using a single platform. The software can track real-time activities in farms and thus, aid the farmers in making the right decisions. 

  • Cow Health Monitoring

The cow monitoring systems can be smartly used in farm automation to monitor the health of dairy cattle regularly. These systems collect and analyze the data of every individual cow and monitor the health of dairy cattle. Cow health monitoring systems sometimes detect disease in farm animals earlier than they could be identified by visual detection.

As the information is collected several times per day, decreases in milk production and slight increases in somatic cell counts can be marked and cows can be checked. It also saves on veterinarian and medical costs.

  • Improved Productivity

Livestock management technology enables the farm managers to save their time in sorting the cows from the whole herd as the sort gate separates individual cows. Labor in dairies becomes more efficient as they don’t need to spend their time watching cows in each coop for health problems or heats. By using the herd management software, they can get cow-related data easily.

  • Live Cow Location

Cow tracking system helps the farm managers to know the live location of cows 24/7. It helps to save time and labor in finding them. A cow tracking device can be attached to the ear, tail, collar and leg of the animal that sends out a signal to the receiver and aid them to locate the exact location of the cow. This can be displayed on a digital map on smartphone, PC and Tablet.

If you want to achieve significant growth in your farming and dairy business, you'll require a scalable and advanced dairy herd management system. By installing livestock management system and using cow tracking system, you can save your time and expense in the long-term, ensuring the most successful cow monitoring for your dairy operation.