Chapter 56
Page 1
Ahimsa- Eternal life .... if I accept the gift of atavaka I can help my mother and then .... I will live happily ever after with her ... and never ....
Page 2
Asmita - Insane…
Page 3
Atavaka - Ahimsa.
Page 4
Atavaka - You will receive the promise to walk the path to eternity again. Your mother will also be walking down this road soon.
Ahimsa - Mother, just have a little patience ... and I'll set you free from this hell, I swear! It will all be over soon!
Atavaka - Yes, eternity .....
Page 5
Atavaka - in the living God that I am!
Ahimsa- huh?
Page 6
Asmita - What? Ahimsa!
Page 7
Ahimsa - This attracted me .... to him! Are you kidding?
Atavaka - No .... this is your way to eternity.
Ahimsa - What?
Atavaka - Your soul is of a superior quality to others. And that's why I seek to assimilate it to my body.
Page 8
Ahimsa - What are you talking about???
Atavaka - Our hearts and our lives will become one! Is it not in this sense that you wanted eternity?
Ahimsa- With what right do you do that? That's not what I wanted! And after this? Will I see my mother trapped in hell?
Atavaka - Do not fear ..... my sacred soul possesses incredible stature. It would not be generous of me to be a discriminatory salvation.
Page 9
Atavaka - The soul of your mother is next to the other miserables of your type! I intend to be impartial to the maximum, absorbing all the souls of the underworld equally!
Asmita - Stop, Atavaka!
Page 10
Ahimsa - Discrimination? Sacred soul? Incredible stature? How stupid I was, supporting my hope in hell.
Asmita - Resist, ahimsa!
Ahimsa - In the end, the weak like me ..... are always passed back, in life and in death! Help me .... asmita! What am I saying? I have no right to ask for this …
Page 12
Deny the truth for this guy ... asmita!
Page 13
Asmita - ahimsa! To deceive and devour the weak is the behavior of an evil spirit, atavaka! No....
Page 14
Asmita - You’re just a heretic demon !! It passed through him? As I suspected, he used kageboshi to connect with this space ... his physical body is not here ...
Asmita - do not hurry, Virgo saint ....
Page 15
Atavaka- Isn’t it better?
Asmita - What?
Atavaka- isn’t it sad? Even though these dead try to awaken the eighth sense, it's still like being dead ...Even if they can control themselves, in hell they experience experiences that lead them to lose control and become mere dead .... and to give pleasure to them will not change anything, finally free them from their desire to be simple dead. but consider this!
Page 16
Atavaka - there is no problem for them to live .... being in the living God allows them to move freely through the world of the living and the dead.
Asmita- Living God?
Atavaka - This is the enlightenment I have. I am the buddha equivalent to Emperor Hades, the one who builds lands of bliss in the underworld, sukhavati.
Page 17
Atavaka - a world composed only of me and these souls! My will will reign over the dead, and the dominion of Hades and the other gods will come to an end! I will become the supreme will of the universe!
Page 18
Asmita - Heresy! What you expect is not true hell, but hell!
Atavaka- The warrior closes to God... does not see enlightenment like me ..... and had I met you in a Buddhist temple, maybe I would argue with you. but this is a battlefield!
Page 19
Asmita - kagaho!
Kagaho - Do the two monks intend to keep up this boring conversation?
Page 20
Kagaho - You did what you wanted, now outside, atavaka!
AtavakaPff, why not? You must face this man if you want to prolong our discussion, Virgo.
Asmita - Hang on!
Kagaho - I hope you do not end up in ashes. will you really rule the impermanent of darkness? What a dishonest guy.
Page 21
Kagaho - The guy who was with you was a fool, Virgo. To recover a lost person is an impossible dream!
Asmita - This man....
Kagaho - it pisses me off!
Page 22
Kagaho - Crucifify ankh!
Asmita - this is .... the flames of ankh ....
Page 23
Kagaho - Really! And no enemy can escape his control once he's caught !! Your body will be totally incinerated! Is that all, Virgo Saint? in that case .... it is better that your soul rests in ashes !!
Page 24
Kagaho - It was not a good time ... like all the crap! Just like the army of Hades or the truth of atavaka!
And this man too ......
Page 25
Kagaho - What was lost will never return ... immortality ... it makes me want to vomit ...
Asmita - I agree, brother.
Page 26
Kagaho- Sui?
Sui - Brother.....
Page 27
Sui - Are you still hurting yourself a lot, kagaho? I do not like to see you hurt ....
Kagaho - It’s intelligent. What kind of illusion technique is thhis, Virgo? Do you think you can get me down with this ??
Page 28
Kagaho - huh? what?
Sui- I'm suffering .... because I see you injured ...
Kagaho - Stop....
Page 29
Sui - so that I may be closer to you .... and that's why I'm suffering in hell ... and yet .... how can you live like this? Huh?
Kagaho - Shit! Stop, Virgo!
Page 30
Asmita - This is your suffering. You reproduced the scene of a brother who blames you
Kagaho - Idiot .... you will see ...
Asmita - you want back this person that you loved so much ....
Page 31
Kagaho - shut up!
Asmita - Benu! You find yourself without your sun, with no one to protect! The immortal bird is but a sparrow lost in the darkness! I ask you: and to escape the suffering that you have, you accepted the immortality of the specters? Or did you accept this immortality to suffer for eternity?
Page 32
Asmita- Tell me your truth, benu !! If you continue to refuse to respond, you will be a man without senses.
Page 33
Asmita - Om!
Kagaho - How? A huge cosmos came into your hands?
Asmita - Surrender, lord of darkness! Benu!
Page 34
Asmita - Tenma Kofuku!
it will help you to spend some of your time. You are free to decide whether the actions of the ghost are a sin or a blessing! next time you wake up…
Page 35
Asmita- You can start your own path to truth!
Kagaho - Shit .... Virgo.... saint of athena!
Page 36
Atavaka - He defeated benu? It’s well worth it ...
Page 37
Atavaka - Can you come and find me? here is the truth of my salvation.
Page 38
Asmita - What a bad carpet ...
Atavaka - so here you are ...
Asmita - Are these faces of those whose souls have been devoured? Since I reached enlightenment, this is the first time ... I realize that demons really exist ...
Page 39
Asmita - And I also discovered that some things must be absolutely destroyed!
Atavaka- but even if you do so, you will destroy a great number of innocent souls ...
Asmita - In that case, why not debate?
Page 40
Asmita - with the force of our truths!
Atavaka - The Tenbu Horin! the truth of the universe, said to be the last mystery of the Virgo Saint!
Asmita - the tenbu horin combines attack and defense! I will deprive you of your senses, such as vision and hearing, until .... rid me of your soul!
Page 41
Asmita - removal of the first sense!