What Should You Do Daily if You Have an Aquarium?

Passionate aquarists keep expensive fish in their aquariums. It’s way more than just a hobby for most of them when they invest thousands in buying and breeding expensive aquarium fish from Asian Arowana to Flowerhorn Cichlid, Peppermint Angelfish, and so on. Even with a Kintons aquarium, where you keep molly, guppies, neon tetra, goldfish, angel fish, etc., you need to follow a few regular rituals to keep your fish healthy.


Here are a few things to do daily if you have an aquarium—

Buy nutritious food for your aquarium fish 

Give your fish the best quality nutritious food. Buy premium-quality sakura koi food online considering the aquarium fish that you have. Some fish require living worms in their daily diet. However, this causes excessive dirt in your tank. Therefore, have a word with experts and follow the diet routine of your fish necessary for their healthy survival.


Clean the filters once in a while

You need to clean the filters installed inside your sobo aquarium 2.5 feet or of any other size once in a while. However, you can at least take out the sieve-like layer from the filter and wash it off daily if you have bigger fish for increasing the functionality of the filter.


Run the pump daily

It is strongly suggested by experts to run the submersible pumps daily in your fish tank Malaysia for increasing the oxygen level in the water and reduce the carbon-di-oxide level from the water.


Once every week, change a portion of water from the top with fresh water in your fish tank to create a healthy environment for the fish.


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