Chapter 74

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Aspros - With that, my mission will end! I will end everything! You, specter! And also this boring relationship with this sister .....
Page 2
Chris - Wait, Aspros!
Page 3
Chris - Sister!
Page 7
Ursula - Let me go!
Chris - Sister....
Ursula - Look ... your voice came back ...
Page 8
Ursula - What a shame ..... it was better when you did not talk, you just obeyed orders. You were always cool, I do not like this change.
Chris - Sister ... I ...
Ursula - Speak up!
Chris - I've always been a stupid girl to you ......
Ursula - while I've always been a bad person, so I've never received love. But I could receive something else .....
Page 9
Ursula - Your hate!
Page 10
Aspros - Use it if I bother to keep arguing ...... well, I suppose it's logical. By this time, they have become normal sisters again. They are far from death ...
Page 11
Asprs - What a thing .... even if only a little, ursula is understanding this. At that moment, they decided to become demons because of their desires.
Chris That's what we've become? the truth is that .... I do not like to run away .... but I .....
Page 13
Aspros - The surplice was released .... why? Chris?!
Page 14
Aspros - That is ... life force ... your cosmo is being extracted .... do not tell me ..... earheart!
Page 15
Aspros - Is he regenerating? He is assimilating the surplice .... he is stealing the life and power of Specter of Chris. That's because .... he's a vampire ... the essence of crimson cross is how to absorb blood.
Page 16
Ursula - You did very well, earheart! Finally caught the surplice of Chris! Now, I will also have the power of a Specter. I order you to hand over the Surplice soon! So I can become the queen of the world!
Page 17
Earheart - Definitely .... humans are deplorable ....
Ursula - What are you talking about? Give me the surplice now....
Earheart - Shut up, you hateful woman. You've stirred cetus since before your awakening ....
Ursula - what?
Earheart- You were not chosen evil. So your desire to become a Specter ends here.
Page 18
Ursula - What did you say?
I did what you said so far, but enough!
Earheart-These are just some unfaithful sins. But thanks to this, the surplus of cetus will return to our army. It was helpful for the evil star to return.
Page 19
Earheart - To separate the evil star from hades is a very great sin! This power ... I will return you to the underworld! cetus !!
Page 20
-The sea is shining purple .... do not tell me that ...
Earheart- that's right .... now the star’s attack power and longevity reside in my body! there is no way for you to defeat the power of two evil stars together!
Crimson billows!
Page 21
Aspros - He is .... combining two techniques .... can I prevent such a great level of power?
Earheart -It’s said a saint just needs to see a technique once. Well .... see… well!
Page 23
Aspros - It’s already been decided, Defteros! I will be the Pope of the sanctuary!
Defteros - Pope?
Aspros - Yes! So I can change this wrong system! Many are born and die under superstitions and prejudices, they are not free. You live like this, humiliated! You have talent and strong heart, you should have the right to decide your path. Don’t you think?
Page 24
Defteros - I'm fine, Aspros. In a world like this, I also use my power. You and I are the same as living in this world .... this is right … right....
Page 26
Aspros - So this is the combined power of two evil stars. It's no problem at all.
Earheart - Idiot ..... he devoured them without any fault.
Aspros - I will ... overcome this limit by advancing to the future!
Chris - Alright, aspers, but .... I'm sorry .... you got hurt because of my family ....
Aspros - because of you?
Page 27
Aspros - You’re wrong.. It was because of me. I'll have the world in my hands! So I can not stand the fact that there's someone more powerful than me!
Earheart - You say such nonsense, but the damage seems to be deep. Your body demonstrates this with a single blow! This is the limit of humans! You will be sacrificed like a lamb in the name of hades!
Aspros - Like a lamb?
Page 28
Aspros - You're underestimating me!
Page 29
Earheart - damn ... you overcame me? but ... your body was injured too! The power of cetus!
Page 31
Chris - You will not give in to anything!
Page 33
Aspros - Will you let this woman live?
Chris - Yes.
Aspros - It will be dangerous. When the holy war begins ... you will be seen as a traitor to the army of hades .....
Page 34
Chris - I will continue to protect that power as my grandfather did. My uncle's house has disappeared since I felt the surplice. So I must restrain this power ... as the head of the walden family ... my duty is to keep this power sealed.
Page 35
Ursula - I will not be defeated by anyone! Not by anyone!
Aspros - It's true ..... this is good .....
Page 36
[Pope’s Hall]
-These are rumors ... Pope.
Pope - if shion and aspros come back, all the Gold saints will be gathered. They say that Sisyphus will be elected the new Pope.... which, by itself, is already good.
-But ... why would you dare do that?
Page 37
Pope - Before, I need to be sure ....
Yes. we must determine our lives in them. Now the real battle begins ... I must not fear!
Page 38
including before death!