vidmate online

After downloading your favorite movie or if you are going to watch a video online, often the video players that are preinstalled into your device do not provide you with the ability to view your media at a good quality.

However, you can download the Vidmate  app from the 9Apps and procure access to a quality video player from which you can view your videos with ease. Also, listen to music by utilizing this app's music player so you can download and listen to your favorite tunes.

While browsing through social media sites such as YouTube or Instagram, view all the videos using this player without having to concern yourself with the formatting types. As this high definition media player supports various video formats like M4V video, MKV video and many more.

Play media that is already stored in your Android device’s memory and will be able to auto-detect them and play the video in HD. This online media player can sort through the video files in your memory and make them abundantly accessible and effortless to manage. 


Video- player features


  • Viewing controls: your viewing experience is enhanced with the download of this app with the provisions of controls given by them.

While viewing a video either saved locally on your device or while surfing the net one can increase or decrease the brightness and volume from the default setting according to your preference.

  • Converter: in-built in this application is a video to mp3 converter that transforms a video file to an audio media file in which one can listen to the podcast instead of watching the video.

This option is very handy when one wants to download music from videos saving the trouble of searching for a converter online.

  • Floating play: this feature permits the viewing of a video whilst utilizing other apps simultaneously.

The video appears in a small window that can be positioned anywhere on the screen for multitasking purposes.


Music- player feature


  • Music manager: Sort all your downloaded music in your music files and manage them in your device memory as well as your memory card.

This makes accessing the music files more efficient and the user can select a song track they want to play or choose to listen to the whole playlist using Vidmate  app.


  • Controls: Along with the option of controlling the volume of the audio piece one can utilize the playback option provided along with the ability to automatically pause the track if the headset attached to the device is unplugged.


Users enjoy all these features that are unique compared to other video player apps. uc web the developers for Vidmate  created this free application that ensures the sustainable use of your mobile data by providing the ability to download media in high quality on your device.

With easy viewing and access to pause and continue playing videos and audio without having to open the app by the convenient screen-off Play.

The suggestions from the users are used to upgrade the performance of the app and all recent features such as set Ringtone, Fast-forward function in the floating play pop up window and new themes are available to update therefore, just get the download of this app from 9Apps without paying a single penny.