Unit A: Chika Takami + Kanan Matsuura

These childhood friends, will become strong tigers in the morning light!ー

Early friends, Chika and Kanan, were decided to have a tiger-themed costumes based on [the concept] Twilight Tiger. A tiger's characteristics, coloring, and patterns + keywords like "strength" and "sagacity" will be the focus of their outfits. Pay close attention to how [these details] are incorporated in the costumes.

Unit B: Kurosawa Dia + Kurosawa Ruby

The sisters will fly while wearing a flame-colored crimson!

A phoenix that's resurrected from hellfire has been a symbol of rebirth since ancient times. Keywords for [this unit] are its impressions of vitality and rock music. Their image is that of a bright red flame. Just what [kind of outfit] will the Kurosawa sisters wearー?


i didnt translate unit c but maybe i will... eventually


Unit D: Sakurauchi Riko, Kunikida Hanamaru, + Ohara Mari

This well-balanced trio resounds beneath the cherry blossomsー

One from each year, Hurricane Blossom was the chosen name for this symmetrical unit. The beauty of sakura and blizzards, this keyword voices that sorrow of scattered flowers during such a storm. It's likely that the costumes will symbolize the cute transience of a maiden's. ♪

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