experiences of digital transformation

Not surprisingly, a major topic among us in recent months has been the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons learned from this period. While the lifting of lockdowns brings a shift in focus, it is still unchartered territory, and how the industry can best move forward remains an open question

To gauge sector opinion on this issue, we recently held a roundtable (virtual, of course) with five major telecom players across EMEA. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear about the experiences of digital transformation and the major role it’s playing in shaping post-COVID strategies.

I’ve outlined the key takeaways from the session and our conclusions about what is really needed to achieve resilient and effective digital transformation in telecom organizations.
We all agreed that creating the best possible customer experiences required starting with the experiences of our own employees. A happy and fulfilled workforce is more productive, collaborative, and more likely to embrace change. Employee satisfaction remains one of the most important goals for any telecom business.

We also agreed that simply introducing a technology platform is never enough to effect change. The tools themselves do not make a transformation project successful -- people do. We discussed how getting people to buy into change had to happen on two levels:

Executive level: To ensure transformation is successful within a business, you have to get buy-in from the very top — and not just fleeting support or approval. It must be a passion project that they can throw themselves behind.

Pressures and challenges will always come in the form of questions around budget, timing and ROI, but if the project is actively sponsored by a C-level exec, then the workforce is much more likely to engage.

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