Used Car Buying Guide: Reliant Scimitar GTE Cars

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Reliant Scimitar is an emblem for exclusive sports activities and automobile fashions from Reliant from 1964 to 1986. During its 22-12 months manufacturing period, it evolved from a coupe (GT) to a own circle of relatives sports activities automobile (GTE). A genuinely omitted British tradition that is going speedy enough, has desirable cost and is absolutely smooth to maintain. With the flexibility of the hatchback design.


Specifications of Reliant Scimitar GTE

Buyers Guide for Reliant Scimitar GTE

Buying Tips

Price Range of Reliant Scimitar GTE


  • Specifications of Reliant Scimitar GTE


The Reliant Scimitar GTE has a base 2015 BMW 320i has a ninety nine kW engine with 6 cylinders. Also, it has a rear-wheel, 3-pace computerized transmission. It is a great desire as a used automobile because of its precise normal overall performance. Knowing approximately the specs of this automobile will assist you in making an amazing desire. You also can do your very own studies whilst you are seeking out one of a kind options. It’s an amazing exercise to have a mechanic do an intensive take a look at the automobile earlier than finalizing the deal. The following specs contend with overall performance and performance with none problems:


Brand Name – Reliant


Model Name – Scimitar


Version – GTE version


Engine Power – ninety nine kW 


Cylinders – 6 cylinders of V configuration


Total Volume – 2792 cm3


Fuel system  – Twelve valves


Total Torque – 216 Nm 


Transmission – Rear Wheel Drive with three-pace computerized


Weight – 1320 kg


Tires – 155 / 80 / 14


Weight/Power ratio 13.33 kg/kW 


So those are the specs of the Reliant Scimitar automobile. Next, let’s talk a few essential hints so that it will guide you on getting the best-used automobile of the same brand.


  • Buyers Guide for Reliant Scimitar GTE


The first SE5 is sort of fifty years vintage so anticipate a few symptoms and symptoms of aging. The frame is pretty forgiving because it doesn’t rot like metallic. Be cautious because the GTE has metallic reinforcement in the frame and this may rot and motive cracks can and columns. Any hassle is fixable, it simply charges time and money. If the automobile no longer gets everyday service, the chassis will subsequently rot. Also, pillars on which the roll bar mounts at the chassis also can rust. Also, the rear chassis can rust, so test the gasoline tank. 


The front and rear suspension should get everyday lubrication. The Essex V6 is an effective engine that calls for an overhaul at approximately 150,000 miles. This may be completed with an oil strain of approximately 50 kilos psi however by no means greater than seventy five kilos psi. The vehicle ought to idle at 10 kilos psi for wear, rattles, and skidding test. When it involves electric components, contemporary-day alternative elements are tons higher than the unique manufacturing unit specifications. 


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  • Buying Tips


Corrosion to the chassis may be a problem at the Reliant Scimitar, specifically on pre-1981 models. The outer rails move properly in the back of the rocker panels, as do the anti-roll bars simply in the back of the front wheels. There are different metal reinforcements as well, so make sure to test the general integrity of the vehicle. 


Fiberglass vehicles may be a challenge, so search for reasonably-priced cleansing merchandise which could disguise flaking and different troubles underneath. Mechanically, fiber timing gears are a recognised vulnerable factor at the Essex V6, however metal replacements are available. 


The cooling has in no way been brilliant, so maintain a near eye at the temperature gauge and appearance out for head gasket issues. Be organized to haggle over the charge to cowl the value of changing a clogged radiator and probable putting in a greater rugged electric powered fan. 


  • Price Range of Reliant Scimitar GTE


The charge variety of the Reliant Scimitar GTE vehicle is given underneath for reference purposes. You can get a truthful concept about how much it'll be worth to get a used vehicle. This is an approximate charge and the charge can range from area to area. Also, it's far higher to test together with your neighborhood dealership approximately any offer. You additionally refer on-line for a hard estimate of the expenses for specific models.


Reliant Scimitar – from $2500 for situation three to $12,000 for situation 1


Reliant Scimitar GTE: On the street Show / Rebuilt GTC


Late / Upgraded GTE $12,000 


Average GTE $three,500 


Restoration GTE $1000


A nonetheless higher charge variety concept is given underneath for reference:


$700 – $2500: Unfinished venture automobiles and omitted technical inspection errors


$2500  – $6000: Handy scimitar vehicle that calls for a touch of attention. 


$8000 and more – examples of Concours and racing automobiles, along with a few 2.nine liter Cosworth conversions.


Knowing approximately those charge stages will assist you in higher coaching whilst getting a used vehicle. As already cited the charge can extrade primarily based totally on various factors like location, version of vehicle, and situation. So it’s an awesome concept to do your personal homework earlier than creating a deal.




In conclusion, we've got mentioned right here the specs of the Reliant Scimitar GTE automobile. Moreover, we shared a few guidelines and courses about shopping for a used automobile. You can do your very own studies to make certain the automobile version you're looking to shop for has true reviews. Make certain that it's miles dependable too. In addition, you must additionally have the automobile looked at with the aid of using a depended on mechanic. With tremendous financial savings coupled with the peace of thoughts of complete certification and a complete warranty, you could now revel in all the key blessings of a used automobile which you count on whilst you purchase a brand new automobile for yourself.