There is more to the iPhone than the iPhone wallpaper one is certain to first notice when seeing one.

First off, the iPhone is a 2.75G quad-band GSM mobile phone from Apple, bearing the selfsame quality all Apple products, like the iBook and the ever popular iPod, have become associated with. As an app search optimization it boasts text messaging capabilities, email reading and sending functions, as well as internet web browsing features. These features alone already say much about what is behind the “flashy iPhone wallpaper”.

The other elements behind the iPhone wallpaper include an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities, ideally complementing the iPhone’s web browsing features. Its file storage capacity, 4 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes, depending on which model one would get, is truly impressive, making it ideal for multimedia media playing.

The iPhone is basically four devices all rolled into one item; first, it is a mobile phone, second, an iPod alternative, third a portable video file player, and fourth, a portable internet web browser. The iPhone wallpaper you’d first notice is simply that of the optimized Mac OS X’s running the iPhone. Yes, the iPhone’s operating system is an optimally modified version of the Mac OS X, the popular operating system powering Apple desktop computers and laptop portables. The iPhone’s operating system takes up about 700 megabytes of space, and is compatible with “phone-modified” versions of popular Apple software.

Going even further from the iPhone wallpaper sight, the iPhone boasts an impressive battery performance level, reaching up to 250 hours of standby time. It has a talktime rating of up to 8 hours, beating other brands, like the Nokia N95, by half. It boasts 7 hours of video file viewing, 6 hours of internet web browsing, and 24 hours of audio file playing.

The iPhone’s touch screen is in itself impressive, making that iPhone wallpaper come into life. The touch screen is calibrated to optimally perform on the density of skin, negating the need for a stylus to operate it with. It comes with an intuitive “keypad” lock and unlock function, which is quite ideal for the iPhone’s touch screen nature.

Basically, the iPhone has a 3.5 inch wide screen. Native iPhone wallpapers come in at 320×480 pixels, at a crisp 160 ppi figure, optimizing depth and clarity. All in all, there is more to the iPhone than the iPhone wallpapers one is bound to first see in an iPhone.