- Teamwork IMS offers compliance solutions for companies needing compliance for PCI, DSS, ISO, GDPR and other important standards.
Our services are intended to help companies for the whole journey, from analysing current processes to the creation and implementation of new standards to the scheduling and finishing of all necessary certifications and assessments.
Not only do we give organisations the right auditing and skills for certification programs, we also offer managed services to make sure continuous improvement once certification happens. This helps businesses to continue to comply with all ISO and other standard requirements, improving on-going management processes across the organisation.
We believe that numbers speak for themselves. We’ve helped companies obtain over three hundred certifications and have an impeccable success rate – one-hundred percent of our clients have done very well in external tests and received their certification.
Because we have knowledge and experience that covers a large range of standards, which include PCI, DSS, GDPR, ISO, health and safety, and online issues, we are suitably ready to assist organisations no matter their size.
We know the nuances of different conformity standards and will help you find what processes and systems are right for current standards and what aspects require improvement to achieve certification or compliance.
Once identified, we’ll work to design and implement the needed enhancements and integrations of your systems and methods, conduct relevant assessments, and provide support in the providing of coaching.
When we are sure it is your time for a successful assessment, we organise an external assessment and help keep track of current tests to ensure successful achievement of the certification, following up with any fixing guidance if needed.
When outsourcing with TeamworkIMS, you can gain from good value learning solutions and managing programs that will get and constantly improve all applicable compliance specifications.