how to clear acne overnight

Have you tried many things to cure your severe acne ? Actually you can use medicine from a doctor, but it has the risk that the skin becomes sensitive, or the acne bacteria is increasingly immune. You can try to get rid of your severe acne quickly with natural ingredients. It cannot be denied, that natural ingredients are the best for medicine because they do not have many bad side effects for the body. not the same as drugs from doctors or pharmacies that are made using synthetic chemical

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Then what ingredients can be used and how do you use them ...?

Cure Severe Acne With Yogurt And Honey

Do not underestimate the two foods above, it turns out natural ingredients such as honey and yogurt can be used to treat and cure acne. yogurt has good bacteria, alpha hydroxy acid is also lactic acid ... this content can clean dead skin cells and also clog the pores that cause acne. Honey functions as a moisturizer and to tighten the skin, the antioxidant content in honey can counteract free radicals that are good for skin health. How to make it is: Prepare 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of yogurt, then mix until it becomes like pasta, apply evenly on your face and make sure you have cleaned your face beforehand.