Chapter 95
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Natassia - Daddy is crying for the sake of Natassia? Natdasia will always be on Daddy's side! If we count together, you will certainly feel better! seiya taught me sa asa doya nuku ya man yo sa mai mai
Hyoga - the voice of natassia changed, she is no longer a person built ... this is the true voice of natassia. It's okay, Daddy is fine ... Daddy is luckier than anyone ... because he can hear your voice.
Page 3
Hyoga-camus ....
Milo-hyoga's confinement techniques and mine did not last long! the power of camus, who returned to this age, wearing a God Cloth .... had reached the sacred precincts?
Deathmask - damn it! I want it too!
Shun - all the people who have this power ... are gathering together with aiolos ?!
Page 4
Camus - It’s really you Hyoga?
Page 5
Camus - This would be a dream?!
Hyoga - camus ... are you recognizing me?
Camus - I recognize you, but I ... because I was dead ... why ... I'm in this place ?!
Page 6
Hyoga - Many things have happened, however ... I am a fortunate man to meet you again. I wish you could have met Isaak too ....
Camus -Isaak ... is that boy alive too ?!
Hyoga - It’s more complicated ... we can talk about this soon ...
Natassia - dad! who is this person?! Is he a friend of Daddy ?!
Camus - hi .... I'm camus .... I've been a friend of hyoga for a long time ... tell me your name.
Natassia - camus! a friend of Daddy and my friend too! I'm ..... natassia!
Page 7
Camus - Is she the daughter of Hyoga? The explanation for this will not be too great?
Hyoga - yes, it will not be very big ... this girl, Natassia, is my beloved daughter. and so I consider her from the bottom of my heart. and besides .... no other explanation is necessary. that is all!
Page 8
Camus - if it is so ..... natassia … I want you to see me as your grandfather. now you do not understand, but I'm many years old ....
Natassia - grandmother? but you’re very young !!
Page 9
Deathmask - argh! disgusting! I hate that kind of thing! I am out of here!
Camus - grandmother! urgh, grandfather!
Yoshino - Deathmask! thank you so much! You too, thank you!

Deathmask - shut up! you do not know anything just do not compromise with your actions!
Yoshino - but despite this, they all protected natassia! I will never forget that! today I understood that the Saints are amazing people capable of fighting risking everything for a simple life ....
Page 10
Yoshino - if it is always so, the Saints will definitely be able to ... save the world!
Deathmask - You know nothing! I'm busy lately with aphrodite teaching me how to grow roses! Dropping out!
Yoshino - waah this is amazing! I can help you !!
Deathmask - what?! you are a bag!you will let them all dry up! idiot!
Shura - What happened, shun?
Shun - no, it's nothing
Page 11
Shun - this ... surely this was my imagination ... in me there is no longer the power of Hades …
Page 12
yes ... it must be this …
no intruders? in fact .... they were called to this place ... but ... here is the goshin tai! I know .... and that's why ....
Page 13
that I could not do anything but let him make the decision. because who chose him is not a human .... if he was chosen by a god .... he must possess the qualities necessary ... to carry the Divine Sword!
Page 14
known as the Kusanagi no Tsurugi
Page 15
This is the will of Saori. or rather, the will to act ..... I will do all that I can for the sake of her divine will.