Google My Business: A Guide for Small Businesses

Section 1: What is Google My Business?

As the name suggests, Google My Business is a feature that allows anyone with an internet connection to list their business. That means that anyone can use Google My Business as a service to give potential clients and customers an easy way to find them. In addition to having their name and address, they can also list their phone number, address, hours of operation and if they accept reservations.  Also included in the information they list is the ability to add photos and a short bio. All of this information is used to help search engines make an informed decision on how to rank your business, so it’s a win-win for everyone.  What Google does with the information is largely up to them.


Your customers can easily find you on Google Maps by going to “Digital Romans” My Business.  


Read more info: https://www.atoallinks.com/2021/google-my-business-a-guide-for-small-businesses/