How can I improve my lawn naturally?

Our organic lawn care guide is a collection of thoughtfully put-together information that we have gleaned over our ten-plus years in the lawn care industry.

It's designed to bring you what we consider to be the most helpful strategies in organic lawn care maintenance for the "do it yourself".

We've even included tips and advice on what to look for when hiring a lawn care company, should the need arise.

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Jim and Jill Carty, of organic-lawn-care-guide. co
Hi there! We're Jim and Jill Carty, and we're excited to be able to share our hands-on experience and hard-won knowledge with you.

Jim and I have worked together in our family-owned and operated lawn care company for over 10 years in Peterborough and the Kawarthas of Ontario, Canada. Jim is fully licensed with the Ministry of The Environment's lawncare sector, both as an operator and a technician examiner.

We've treated thousands of lawns over the years and stood the test of many changes in our industry as it has evolved to the now totally pesticide-free status as a result of recent legislation.

Our company has always been an organic industry leader, being one of the very first companies to offer organic options in our area.  As a result, adapting to these changes has been an easier transition for us than for some.

What's In The Guide?
You'll find our guide separates fact from fiction and is written in an understandable format complete with photos and videos that will equip you with all you'll need to know about safe, natural, lawn care applications.

We're here for you, to answer your questions, providing informed and knowledgeable answers drawn from our many years of experience.

Our Forum is a great place to visit and share your stories with others.  Working together we can help you achieve the best possible results for your situation, using organic methods.

Don't Panic!
For those of you used to traditional methods of lawn maintenance, we'll introduce you to a new way to think about things as you learn how to eliminate weeds and lawn pests organically.

As a homeowner used to have access to traditional pesticides to treat lawn weeds, crabgrass, white grubs, and chinch bugs, you might be asking yourself....what now?!

Really...don't panic!

We're here to help. With a little common sense and some hard work on your part, our organic lawn care guide filled with tips and techniques on our part, we can partner along the way to a beautiful, lush, organic yard for you to enjoy with family and friends.