Chapter 56
Page 1
Shura - The sword fills with presence and explodes !!!
Page 3
Shura - Did he use the Shield Bash..... to defend himself from the rock ?!
Page 4
Shura - Iaah! Excalibur!
Page 5
Shura - only the shield.... stays floating ?!
Page 6
Shura - Does he control it from afar ?! No .... it’s the shield itself that moves of its own will ?!
to protect the god he believes in ?! He pinned my two arms !! now he can attack me from anywhere !!
Page 7
Kreios- Of my blows ..... this will be the last one. All blood .... all cosmos ....
Page 8
Kreios - All life forms my blade.
Page 9
Kreios - for you a person of great courage….my eternal goodbye.
Page 11
Kreios - there's something wrong! I do not feel ... I hit him! He still....
Page 12
Kreios - is alive?! and behind me ?! what?!
Page 13
Kreios - He went through my Aster Shield... and used it as a protection for himself ?! Throwing his own armor?! Moreover, he neutralized the impact of the blow of my sword ....
Page 14
Kreios - but at that moment there was no more Aster Shield. His unprotected fist was crushed by the blow. Now, without the armor, you cannot even attack me. And a fist without armor is not able to reach my Soma!!
Shura - Devoid of protection ... side by side with death .... a terrifying strain ... incites the cosmos inside me .... burning it to the limit ...
Page 15
Shura - Making me speed up!
Page 16
Kreios - Did he disappear ... at the speed of light ?!
Shura - Now yes. Burn it up! My Excalibur. Make my life your blade. And go against this splendid swordsman who stands before me ....
Page 17
Shura - Piercing the chest of this god!!
Page 18
Kreios - guuuh! he swerved from my sword-strike and looked at the only place he could reach me with his own hands. He hit his fist well into the cleft of the Soma that begets the blue divine sword!
Page 19
Kreios - But he will escape ... the sacred blood still makes me live. Then I will use all the strength left to me !! Get ready for the dunamis blade !!
Page 20
Shura - Uuoooooh!
Page 21
Shura - Double Excalibur
Page 22
Kreios - a human using double blades.... this ... would only be possible with a training that surpassed even death. It means that this power, that blade that he obtained in exchange for his soul .... is capable of dissecting any adversary?
Page 23
Kreios - even if that adversary is a god? It’s impressive, shura. the victory is yours
Page 24
Shura - The more powerful the adversary to be faced ... the more challenged the Saint feels, who consequently becomes stronger. Who gave me the final blow ... it was just you ... because you were a sword god of great nobility ... I was able to face you.
Page 25
Kreios - So .... shura. Inherit my divine sword .... and live ... with my cosmos engraved on yours. And when ..... eventually, come the time of your death, knife like me. Give your sword to someone you really believe in.
Page 26
Kreios - for this is the sublime destiny of those who have the blade in their heart ....