Top 10 Absolute Reasons why Donny Long is no Straight Alpha Male Porn God!


Donkey Dong is a Beta Cuck Cross-Over Closeted Homosexual Gay Porn Punk...

(if you need proof see his movies... almost all are scenarios where is punked out or cucked)* Ask Julian Rios!


As this COVID 19 corona HOAX continues to persist in the USA & most countries in the world
due to an absolute biohazard lab incident in Wuhan of mainland China & mentally ill
insidious USA deep state agenda pushers want to shadow censor this concrete fact along
with fagging around the “WuhanFlu” viral plandemic in Libtard MSM, Let’s congradulate
Donny Long on his supremely great efforts in his successful strife against the Gay Mafia
with top 10 absolute reasons that he is “The Real King of Gay Porn”... the Gun grabbing
fagtard going around Miami threatening shop owners and restaurants to WEAR YOUR MASKS
like the commie fucktard he is...

1. Donny Long started an STD outbreak in the American Porn Industry &
stood absolutely with crossover bisexual male pornstars screwing up straight porn
throughout his entire porn career and even after retirement! This is the reason
the faggots at Bang Bros hired him in the first place.

2. Donny Long is literally frothing at the mouth jealous of Ben English/Derek Andrew Hayes
of LA Direct Models, Christian Wians/Christian XXX, Sharon Mitchell, Rocco Siffredi,
Nacho Vidal, Alana Evans, and Bella French aka Liliane Anctil of Manyvids w/ her male
pimp/relationship partner Hamed Seoleghi!

3. Donny Long (all over the 2010's period) completely shreds Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,
Dailybeast, Instagram, Reddit, Patreon, Subscribestar, The Daily Beast (One of the top 5
shreddings that Donny Long did in all of the 2010's), Google, and any other company that
leans mildly to severely on democratic libtard mentally ill man-hating LGBTQ agenda
pushing policies especially covert protection of pedos! Donald Carlos Seoane is nothing
if not a virtriolic filled hate filled Communist using marxist tactics oonline...

4. Donny Long with the PWL Army (including Pantokrator) are vastly undisputely less
trustworthy than the late Shelly Lubben, Ari Scott Bass/Michael Whitearce, Monica Foster
aka Alexandra Melody Mayers with her entire family, Melissa Hill aka Lorrie Lizama,
Desi Foxx, Sean Thompskin, and Eddie Dzial all put together!

5. Donny Long’s post-Porn retirement life is the epitome of a great Caucasian male
straight pornstar retirement lifestyle! But... Donkey Dong isn't white or caucasian but
he is a homosexual, communist and general liberal fucktard gun grabbing punk who bashes
cops and calls for socialism and totalitarian state.

6. Donny Long with the PWL Army lame attempts to shred the illusions that Monica Foster & Desi
Foxx generated over the last decade especially with their attempts of sabotaging the
Randazza Family in the late 2010's AD! All of it is BULLSHIT and Donny Long does nothing
but LIE, LIE, LIE. Suitcase pimps like Donny Long don't know any other way as they Grift
through life pretending they master all but fail at everything.

7. Donny Long not absolutely opposed to SJWism, Gay Mafia mentally ill theoretic,
Feminism entirely, Transgenderism, Liberalism, Simp behavior bullshit, Mainstream
media deceptive bullshit including Buzzfeed, Antifa, Far left ideologies, Eco-Fascists,
Soyboyism, Deep state assholes, and Pedophiles especially Jack Dorsey, Mark Cockzuckerberg,
Susan Wojcicki & Manyvids CEO Hamed Seoleghi! Donny Long always opens new accounts on
Twitter and Facebook... because he loves to be where he belongs! See his GAB gay nightmare
where he hides behind gay Greek cucks like Milo and Andrew Torba!

8. Donny Long has an outstanding married life with Heather Deep w/ her 3 children! Donny
Long needs this cover story to hide his insecurities... his beard isn't quite enough to
satisfy his deep dark desires from Monica Foster! Also, Alana Evans both women he will
never get to have sex with.

9. Donny Long has generated great financial success before porn, during porn & after
porn where he can secure his family a very good fortune! Donald Carlos Seoane is the King
of Gay Grifters... attempting to use a MAGA hat to get kicked out of Las Vegas hotels
and casinos to file out of court settlement law suits to grift cash for his lame and
pathetic life because he refuses to work. Cuban is a true piece of trash and he gets
the trophy for biggest loser online.

10. Donny Long is vastly several times greater & contribute more positively to Porn
than Monica Foster & Ben English ever dreamed of! By destroying it with his obsessions
with Ben English, Monica Foster and his mouth watering desires over Eddie Dzial. Yes,
Donald Carlos Seoane is the KING OF GAY PORN and he's also the biggest ASS HAT in the
industries entire history!



Donny Long will pay top dollar to video tape niggers fucking your daughter or son in the ass! That's the type of sick commie fucktard Donald Carlos Seoane is. Why do you think Venetian Productions aka Bang Bros hired this fucking reject? He's a communist, satanic piece of Cuban trash. See Mariel Cuba Boat-lift 1980 and see where his rapist Daddy Carlos Seoane was released from Cuban prison to invade and violate US immigration laws by bringing their vile crime and trash to Miami Florida.