Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Programs | Atheists Helping the Homeless, DC

The longer a person is homeless, the tougher and more expensive it becomes to re-house the people. Rapid rehousing supports people to move from emergency/transitional shelter into stable housing as fast as possible. It also ties people with supportive, community-based funds that help them maintain housing. 
Other homelessness prevention programs showing the effectiveness for preventing homelessness include:
· Programs that help improve households by providing food support.
· Programs seeking to enhance the supply of affordable housing in America, such as the housing trust fund.
· Discharge planning for people released from institutional care (e.g., hospitals, psychiatric care, substance abuse treatment centres, military service, jail, prison).
· Case management that emphasizes determining clients’ needs for housing help, serving them to find and get housing and securing other resources required to maintain housing stability (e.g., health insurance, childcare services, medical treatment services, psychological services, food, and clothing).
.Atheists outline essential components for supportive housing services and programs for people suffering from homelessness that causes mental illness.
· The works of federal member agencies to achieve the goals of the federal strategic plan to provide affordable housing and end homelessness. 
·The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers various assistance to people who are experiencing or are at risk for homelessness.
 Affordable housing and homelessness prevention programs support the communities as they plan, develop, and implement a solid program to prevent homelessness.
Funding from the Homeless Program Prevention and Rapid Re-Homes Program.
Each year the federal government provides resources as part of The Homelessness program Prevention and Rapid Re-Homes Program. Funds also support families help with rent payments and aids in paying security deposits or utility bills. The money is provided to your local state housing authority-associated agencies. These state governments then allocate the funds to charities and non-profits at the city and county levels so that the money can be provided to the needy.
The objective of the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program is to provide financial aid, counselling, and other services to prevent families and individuals from being evicted, as Homelessness causes mental illness. The money will term and permanent long also be used to help those who are in Depression and homelessness and help them to find short-term housing so that they can stay in the new housing units.